BALLUFF BEN 516-17-R260,0-S00-K01

BALLUFF BEN 516-17-R260,0-S00-K01

BALLUFF BEN 516-17-R260,0-S00-K01

£976.15 exc. VAT
£1,171.38 inc. VAT
BEN 516-17-R260,0-S00-K01 Mechanical Switches - Cam

Product Description

BALLUFF BEN 516-17-R260,0-S00-K01 149370 BEN0028 Balluff is a worldwide leading company in the field of sensors and position detection. Balluff UK sensors product range includes Electronic Sensors, Inductive Proximity Sensors, Photoelectric Sensors, Balluf Transducers which use various operating principles, Identification Systems - RFID, Bus-Capable Sensors as well as Electromechanical and Inductive single and multiple position switches. Balluff products are found wherever accuracy and reliability are in demand. Electroquip stocks the Balluff range, has on-site Balluff technical advice, volume discounts and Electroquip is an authorised distributor of Balluff Sensors.

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