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Allen Bradley is a diversified Inovative company that opperates within the Factory automation, Aerospace, Avionics, Automotive components, Defence electronics, Telecomunications and Graphic systems companies throughout the world. Allen Bradley, aim is to maximise the productivity and competitveness for all its customers through use of it complete range of market leading products. Allen Bradley the company employs over 82'000 people worldwide and has more than 168 plants where reaseach and on going development takes place



Allen Bradley History


Allen Bradley the company was founded in 1903 under the name of Compression Rheostat Company, its founders were Dr. Stanton Allen and Lynde Bradley with the start up capital of $1000. The company was re-named with a unify of surnames after its originators in 1910 to the name it is today Allen Bradley.  Rapid expansion is 1952 saw many offices and factories being opened throughout America, Canada and worldwide to service its ever growing customer base and help promote its new product ranges. In 1985  Allen Bradley smashed it's in house company record by achieving more than $1 billion dollars in annual sales. During this same year Allen Bradley was acquired by Rockwell International for a Record sum of $1.65 billion the largest of its time in Wisconsin history

Allen Bradley is now recognised as one of the worlds leading technology companies with over 100 years of helping its customers continualy improve and enhance their productivity


List of Type of Allen Bradley products

Sensors, Computers, Circuit Breakers, Fueses, Drives, I/O Systems, Motion Control, Networks and Communications, operator interfaces, Power Supplies and Conditioning, Programable controlers, Contactors and Overloads, Control Gear, Softstarters, Push buttons and Switches


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