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Extractive gas analyzers for one or more gas components

Flame ionization detectors (FID)

Emission data acquisition systems 

Maihak Products Portfolio



Gas Analyzers
For analyzing gases maihak offers an extensive range of gas analyzers and analysis systems. Adaptation to different system conditions or solutions of sophisticated measuring tasks - we have the answer: in-situ and extractive measuring technology for instrumentation of complete facilities.

Dust Measuring Devices
maihak established a new standard in dust measurement: Durable and low-maintenance systems for detecting and monitoring dust concentration. All of the dust measuring systems can be seamlessly integrated into existing measurement landscapes at your plant. Easy installation and commissioning and comfortable handling are self-evident.

Liquid Analyzers
maihak provides spectrometer for process monitoring and control, for quality mionitoringand for usage in research. Or TOC-systems for monitoring of contaminations with organic carbon compounds (TOC=Total Organic Carbon). Also for potentially explosive atmospheres.

Data Acquisition Systems
The continous data acquisition allows a permanent monitoring of limit values as well as a process control to reduce the concentrations of pollutants.

Volume Flow Measuring Devices
With diverse volume flow measuring devices maihak provides solutions for a wide variety of measuring tasks - from calculating volume flows in processes, custody transfer applications in natural gas industry, environmental monitoring of plants, on test stands in automotive industry and many others

Analyzing Systems
Our analyzing systems supply application oriented solutions for measuring tasks in emission and process measurement: as complete "hot" measurement or as "cold" measurement with cooling system to remove water vapor.

Tunnel Sensors
More safety, less congestion – this is the main objective of traffic management in the future. Intelligent traffic monitoring systems will form the basis of modern traffic management technology. With our highly sophisticated measuring systems, we're on the right road to solving a few of these issues.

1885 Foundation by Hugo Maihak and Georg Klug 
1920 Introduction of the first gas analyzer 
1978 First TOC water analyzer system 
2000 Take-over of the majority of shares of the MAIHAK AG by the SICK Group
2004 The MAIHAK AG gets a subsidiary of the newly founded SICK MAIHAK GmbH

And a bright future - new prodcuts include:

The Laser Gas Analyzer GME700 measure several gas components, such as NH3, HF, O2 or HCl. The compact 19"-unit with heated measuring cell can be easily integrated into existing analyzing systems.
To Laser Gas Analyzer GME700

The analyzing systems MKAS include in addition to the analyzers all major system components according to the requirements of the application. Due to their modular concept they can be extended and adapted to the measuring tasks.
To Analyzing Systems MKAS

FLOWSIC100 Flare
Life's never dull in flare stacks. In no time, a gentle flow can become a hurricane. That´s when you need a superior flow meter - the FLOWSIC100 Flare.
To FLOWSIC100 Flare

In dangerous locations, it’s better to look but not touch. The GM32, the new system for CEMS gas analysis from maihak, does just that.
To Gas Analyzer GM32

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