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The SMC Group´s pneumatic control equipment has acquired the world´s top-class reputation by achieving a high customer satisfaction in terms of performance, quality, pricing and lead time. This success is the fruit of our longstanding efforts in research and development. And we continue to explore to potential applications of pneumatic control equipment from general-purpose products that face severe price competition, to high-value-added products for which the highest quality and performance are demanded.

The Japan Technical Center in Tsukuba, which plays a central role in the Group´s R&D activities, has large-scale, state-of-the-art facilities and laboratory equipment, and collects customer input and the latest technological information from all over the world. The center´s involvement is extensive-from fundamental research to the commercialization of automatic control technologies-and it actively conducts joint and entrusted research with worldwide research institutes and university laboratories. To ensure the development of products that best meet particular market or user requirements, such as customized products, SMC engineers and salespersons from a working group on a product basis and meet the particular users in person to reflect their needs in the development of the products. The Group also has similar technical centers in the United States and England to meet different requirements in those respective markets. SMC´s R&D force is closely in touch with the sales, production and marketing forces and shares various information among them. In addition, our costomer-oriented marketing approaches using demonstration cars-mobile exhibition rooms-and showrooms equipped with a function to offer technical workshops serve as a source of grasping customer needs. 

These unrelenting efforts keep developing smc's expertise on pneumatic control technology, creating high-value-added products. The number of the group´s product items has been increasing in line with rising demand, and now reaches as many as 630,000