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Telemecanique is a leader in the global market for automation and control technology



Telemecanique Control Gear , is a market leader and global expert in providing products and services for industrial control and automation. It provides complete solutions with a range of components including programmable logic controllers, variable speed drives and communications software. In addition, it offers power distribution through prefabricated busbar trunking.

The Schneider Electric, brand is today developing automation products and systems in detection, man-machine dialogue and process supervision. For industry the brand is intended for machine builders, operators, fitters and instrument panel operators.

The brand supplies them with excellent performance and productivity along with first class customer service and support.

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Telemecanique Detection Products
Schneider Electric offers a comprehensive range of Detection products for use in industrial and commercial applications. All aspects of Detection are catered for including Proximity Switches, Photo-Electrics, Ultrasonic, Limits and Pressure Switches, RFID taggiing, Vision, Rotary Encoders. All of these technologies are available for general detection application or application specific, including sensors for use in Packaging and Assembly.

Telemecanique Pressure / Vacuum sensors & switches 
OsiSense XM Pressure Switches operate with pressures up to 600bar providing the user with switched, analogue, and volt free contact in robust housing for use on oil, air, and water. 

Pressure and vacuum switches - OsiSense XM
Sensors - OsiSense ATEX

Telemecanique Photo-electric sensor 
OsiSense XU Application sensors extend the boundaries of detection. They are designed to operate in extreme environments and offer a bespoke solution for the most demanding applications. 

Non-contact sensing - OsiSense XU

Telemecanique Proximity sensors 
OsiSense XS & XT Proximity Switches incorporate the latest sensing technology, they provide precise object detection with the option of having both flush and non-flush mounting in the same unit. 

Telemecanique Inductive & Capacitive technology - OsiSense XS & XT
Sensors - OsiSense ATEX

Telemecanique Ultrasonic sensors & float switches 
OsiSense XX ltrasonic offers outstanding performance incorporating the latest transducer technology giving precise object detection.  

Telemecanique Ultrasonic sensors enable detection - OsiSense XX 

Telemecanique Rotary encoders 
OsiSense XCC Rotary Encoders provide an extensive range of incremental, absolute optical electronic encoders with continuous data for counting, positioning by counting, accurate positioning. 

Rotary encoders - OsiSense XCC

Telemecanique Limit switches 
OsiSense is the latest concept in modular design offering Machine Designers and End Users flexibility with a range of actuators and bodies to choose from. 

Limit switches - OsiSense XC standard
pecial format Limit switches - OsiSense XC Special format
Sensors - OsiSense ATEX
Safety switches - Preventa XCS
Safety switches for explosive atmospheres - Preventa XCS ATEX D
Machine cabling accessories - OsiSense XZ

Telemecanique RFID 
With OsiSense XG, discover the RFID system that is open to a choice of electronic tags and networks as well as being simple to install, connect and configure. 

RFID and inductive identification system - OsiSense XG

Telemecanique Safety detection 
Modular foot mat system which flexes to the size you require. 

Mats - Preventa XY
Safety switches - Preventa XCS
Safety switches, for explosive atmospheres, - Preventa XCS ATEX D
Light curtains - Preventa XU  

Telemecanique Mounting solutions 
High-performance, quick and tailor-made connections to all sensors : designed for optimal user-friendliness, simplifying connection and providing quick and safe reference identification. 

Telemecanique Timers, counters, and control relays 
Timing relays, to create simple hard-wired logic automated system cycles or to complement industrial programmable controllers. 

Electronics timers - Zelio Time
Counters - Zelio Count
Measurment & control relays - Zelio Control

Telemecanique Programmable relays 
Zelio Logic smart relays provide an answer where traditional relay based control is inadequate and Programmable Controllers are too complex and costly. 

Smart relays - Zelio Logic

Telemecanique Plug in Relays & interposing relays 
Due to its compact size, Zelio can be used to multiply the functions in electrical enclosures. Simplicity, no adjustment required for standard applications. Ease of integration in an existing device. 

Plug-in relays - Zelio Relay

Telemecanique Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) 
Programmable controllers for standard applications.Open to numerous communication networks, Twido and its associated TwidoSuite software provide simple and astute solutions for all your needs. 

Programmable controllers - Twido

Telemecanique Safety Relays 
Monitor both the component and wiring integrity of a safety system, for a wide range of safety functions. 

Safety Modules - Preventa XPS

Telemecanique Programming software 
Zelio Soft software for Zelio Logic smart relays (SR2/ SR3). Includes programming software, self-training module, applications library, and technical instructions. 

Telemecanique Legacy Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) 
The Modicon TSX Micro offers tremendous flexibility in a compact design. Intended for smaller applications, this platform boasts integrated analogue and counter. 

Telemecanique OEM machine builder PLC - Modicon TSX Micro
Micro & Premium configuration software - PL7
Quantum & Momentum configuration software - Concept
Windows configuration solution for Modicon range - ProWORX 32

Programmable Automation Controllers (PACs) 
The Modicon Premium family of PLCs is optimised for discrete manufacturing and smaller process control applications. 

Telemecanique Machine control PLC - Modicon Premium
Process control PLC - Modicon Quantum
Micro PLC - Modicon M340
A PLC in a PC - Modicon Atrium
Quantum, Premium & Atrium high performance configuration software - Unity Pro
Data server software - OPC Factory Server
Industrial Ethernet diagnostic software - ConneXview™

Telemecanique Distributed I/O & PLC 
The Modicon Momentum platform is a flexible modular family of components that provide solutions for a wide range of distributed I/O and distributed control applications. 

Controller and IP20 monoblock I/O for distributed control architecture - Modicon Momentum
IP20 modular distributed I/O - Advantys STB

Telemecanique Safety Controllers & PLCs 
Safety controllers perform the function of multiple safety modules, providing a flexible solution for more complex safety scenarios.  

Alphanumeric, semi-graphic small HMI 
Magelis HMI (XBT-N, R, RT) - Range of low-cost compact text and (semi- graphic) displays with serial connectivity 

Small panels - Magelis XBT N, R, RT

Entry level Graphic Touch HMI 
Low cost, compact, touch and Graphic entry level CPU with multiprotocols and innovative mounting. STO: 3.4” Monochrome screen with tool free spring clip mounting. STU: 3.5” coloured TFT, Ethernet with push button mounting. 

New technology innovations can enhance the productivity of your machines - Magelis STO, STU

Graphic touchscreen HMI 
Magelis HMI (XBTGT, GK, GTW) - from 3.8" to 15" in touchscreen, and up to 10.4" in keypad format with serial, network and Ethernet connectivity. 

Advanced panels touchscreen - Magelis XBT GT
Advanced panels keyboard - Magelis XBT GK
Advanced panels open - Magelis XBT GTW

Telemecanique Industrial PC 
An extension of dedicated terminals and the industrial PC, Magelis Smart is open to the Web. It meets the demands of predefined operator dialog, display and remote diagnostics.  

Embedded panels - Magelis Smart
PC panels - Magelis Compact iPC
PC box - Magelis Smart BOX, Compact PC Box, Flex PC_BOX
Industrial displays - Magelis iDisplay

Web Servers & Gateways 
Factorycast HMI - PLC web server modules providing remote HMI access and other web services. 

Active Web servers and configurable Web gateways - FactoryCast, FactoryCast HMI
Intelligent Web gateways - FactoryCast Gateway

HMI, SCADA and Historian software 
A software range to cover your needs of Magelis HMI application design: Vijeo Designer Lite for compact displays, Vijeo Designer for graphic terminals and iPC. 

Telemecanique Pilot devices 
Harmony 4 is the world leading range of 22mm metal Pilot Devices and Control Stations, providing IP66 ingress protection. 

Ø 22 metallic signaling units - Harmony XB4
Ø 22 metallic signaling units, for explosive atmospheres, - Harmony XB4 ATEX D
Ø 22 plastic signaling units - Harmony XB5
Ø 22-25 monolithic signaling unit - Harmony XB7
Ø 22-25 signaling units - XB2B, XA2B
Ø 16 plastic signaling units - Harmony XB6
Ø 30 metallic signaling units - Harmony 9001 K
Ø 8-12 signaling units - Harmony XVL

Telemecanique Camswitches 
Cam switches up to 150A in standard configurations for ammeter/voltmeter switching and multi pole on/off or changeover functions. Also available in bespoke configurations, for specialised applications 

Ø 16-22 cam switches - Harmony K

Telemecanique Stacking beacon banks 
The XVB range of easily configured stackable beacons which includes both visual and audible signalling units, is complemented by standalone single lamp units in a variety of types. 

Ø 50 indicator banks Universal - Harmony XVP
Ø 70 beacons and indicator banks Universal - Harmony XVB
Monolithic indicator banks Ø 40, 60, 100 mm - Harmony XVC
Ø 70 beacons and indicator banks Optimum - Harmony XVE
Ø 70 beacons and indicator banks Application - Harmony XVD

Telemecanique Rotating beacons and sirens 
Easy to use and quick to install, this complementary range is dedicated to extreme illuminated signalling. 

Rotating mirrors Ø 165 mm - Harmony XVR Application
Pre-cabled rotating mirrors Ø 84 to 130 mm - Harmony XVR
Sirens Ø 107 mm - Harmony XVS Application
Electronic alarms and multisound sirens - Harmony XVS

Telemecanique Foot switches 
A foot switches range, easy to operate and to install with a perfect movement freedom and very comfortable use. 

Foot switches - Harmony XPE
Foot switches, for explosive atmospheres, - Harmony XPE ATEX D

Telemecanique Joystick and Pendant Stations 
For control of cranes and similar equipment. Schneider Electric Pendant Control Stations are available ready to install in standard configurations and as piece parts for bespoke equipment assembly. 

Ø 22 joystick controllers - XD2G
Pendant control stations - Harmony-XAC
Lift inspection stations Application - Harmony XALF

Telemecanique Safety Human interface components 
A range of safety dialog products which are simple to use and set up, with compact and ergonomic products to meet the requirements for performing emergency stops on dangerous machines. 

Emergency stops trip wire switches - Preventa XY2C
Emergency stops trip wire switches, for explosive atmospheres, - Preventa XY2 ATEX D
Two-hand control station - Preventa XY2 SB
Enabling grip switch - Preventa XY2 AU
Foot switches - Harmony XPE
Foot switches, for explosive atmospheres, - Harmony XPE ATEX D

Telemecanique Control stations 
A wide variety of pre-assembled ready to install control stations are available for industrial and commercial applications in both all -insulated plastic and metal. 

Plastic control stations Optimum, for Harmony XB7 - Harmony XALE
Plastic control stations, for Harmony XB5 - Harmony XALD, XALK
Complete stations metal or plastic, for explosive atmospheres, - Harmony XAW ATEX D
Metal enclosures, for Harmony XB4 - Harmony XAM, XAP
Plastic control station enclosures for severe environments, for Harmony XB5 - Harmony XALG

Telemecanique Mounting Systems 
Profil is the modular front panel solution designed to enable fast development of control and signalling assemblies, using Harmony Components. 

Telemecanique Contactor  - ac contactors and dc contactors
Three and four pole contactors for up to 12A AC3 motor duty and 20A AC1 duty, with reversing and changeover versions available. Also available are low consumption contactors. 

Contactors 0,06 kW to 5,5 kW - TeSys K
Contactors 0,06 kW to 75 kW - TeSys D
Contactors 55 kW to 450 kW - TeSys F
Bar contactors up to 900 kW - TeSys B

Telemecanique Motor protection and control circuit breakers 
GV2 Magnetic and thermal-magnetic motor circuit-breakers up to 15 kW.GV3 Thermal-magnetic and magnetic circuit-breakers up to 30 kW.GV7 Thermal-magnetic motor circuit-breakers up to 110 kW. 

Circuit breakers 0,37 kW to 15 kW - TeSys GV2
Circuit breakers up to 30 kW - TeSys GV3
Circuit breakers up to 110 kW - TeSys GV7
Motor starter combinations up to 15 kW - TeSys GV2, LC
Circuit breakers up to 30 kW - TeSys GV3 (version 1988) GB2 - GB2

Telemecanique Fuse disconnects and isolation components 
Fuse protection is a reliable and effective solution to protect your low voltage equipment against short-circuits that can cause major damage to your installations and generate risk for equipment. 

Fuse carriers, fuse disconnectors - TeSys DF, LS1/GK1
Fuse disconnector switches - TeSys GS
Disconnector switches - LK3
Switch disconnectors - TeSys mini-vario, vario

Telemecanique Motor protection components - overloads 
Thermal overload relay with manual or automatic reset from 0,11 to 16 A and 0,06 to 5,5 kW. 

Telemecanique Soft starter 
The Altistart range of AC soft start drives give patented torque control performance for advanced mechanical and electrical system protection. 

Soft starters for simple machines 0,37 kW to 75 kW - Altistart 01
Soft starters for pumps and fans 4 kW to 400 kW - Altistart 22
Soft starters for pumps and fans 4 kW to 1200 kW - Altistart 48

Telemecanique Variable speed drives - Low voltage 
Compact size, Integrated EMC filter, optional local control version, inbuilt PI regulator, integrated Modbus 

Drives for simple machines 0.18 > 2.2 kW - Altivar 11
Drives for simple machines 0.18 > 4 kW - Altivar 12
Drives for simple machines 0.18 > 15 kW - Altivar 31
Drives for compact machines 0.18 > 15 kW - Altivar 312
Drives for complex machines 0.18 > 15 kW - Altivar 32
Drives for pumps and fans 0,75 > 800 kW - Altivar 61
Drives low-voltage with high power ratings 90 > 2400 kW - Altivar 61 Plus
Drives for complex, high power machines 0,37 > 630 kW - Altivar 71
Drives Low-voltage with high power ratings 90 > 2000 kW - Altivar 71 Plus

Variable speed drives - HVAC 
Frequency inverters for 3-phase asynchronous motors from variable torque applications for building HVAC.Open to the main building communication networks. 

Drives for pumps and fans 0,75 > 75 kW - Altivar 21

Variable speed drives - Medium Voltage 
Range of medium-voltage variable speed drives from 0.5 to 10 MW.One of the most compact (up to 1.5 MW per metre of enclosure) and with one of the best efficiency levels on the market (~99%) 

Drives medium voltage from 0.5 to 10 MW - Altivar 1000

Telemecanique Motion control - servo 
Integrated range of PLC-based drives & motors, focused on multi-axis applications 

Telemecanique Concept range of drives & motors, focused on multi-axes application, PLC based - Lexium - BPH - SER - 17D, 17S
Servo drives and servo motors for machines 0.4 > 6 kW - Lexium 05
Servo drives and servo motors for machines 0.9 > 42.5 kW - Lexium 15
Servo drives and servo motors for machines 0.15 > 7 kW - Lexium 32
Integrated drives for motion control - Lexium ILA, ILE, ILS
Stepper drives for motion control - Lexium SD3

Telemecanique Motion control - controller 
The new TSX CSY 85/TjE range comprises a module capable of controlling up to 8 axes, based on complex interpolation trajectories produced using the TjE software. 

Motion control module for Modicon Premium - TSX CSY 85
Motion control - Lexium Controller

Motion control - stepper 
Twin Line is a range of simple to use, fully programmable smart drives.  
Gradual, smart range of drives & motors - Twin Line

Motion control software tools 
User-friendly Unilink software provides simplified parameter setting for Lexium servo drives. 

Telemecanique Safety mats 
Modular foot mat system which flexes to the size you require. 

Mats - Preventa XY

Telemecanique Safety interlocks and solenoids 
A wide range of guardswitches and powered guardswitches, available in rugged metal or plastic, for the monitoring of moveable guards. 

Safety switches - Preventa XCS
Safety switches, for explosive atmospheres, - Preventa XCS ATEX D

Safety light curtains 
Type 2 and type 4 devices for full body, hand and finger detection. Watch out for new type 4 light curtains permitting cascading segments and programmability of range 

Light curtains - Preventa XU

Safety Human interface components 
Extremely robust rope pulls for emergency stopping on long conveyors. 

Telemecanique Emergency stops trip wire switches - Preventa XY2C
Tripwire operated emergency stop for explosive atmospheres dust - Preventa XY2 - ATEX D
Two-hand control station - Preventa XY2 SB
Enabling grip switch - Preventa XY2 AU
Foot switches - Harmony XPE
Foot switches, for explosive atmospheres, - Harmony XPE ATEX D
Tripwire operated emergency stop for explosive atmospheres dust - Preventa XY2 - ATEX D

We offer an extensive range of industrial control components, programmable logic controllers, variable speed drives, interface terminals and communications software combine to offer reliable and efficient solutions to the industrial, OEM and process control markets.

The entire product range is supported and offered quickly and reliably by Electroquip with on site stock held in Sittingbourne.

Call Electroquip to discuss your Telemecanique requirements further.