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During the 50s the surge in automation created a ever increasing requirement for conductors and cables. Encouraged by this opportunity, Oskar Lapp began to optimise the time consuming  process of manually inserting of single core and switched strands into the outer sheath inventing a highly flexible, colour coded range of cables named Olflex.  


Today Lapp Cables have more than 100 patents and more than 40’000 products in the range,  where ever electrical energy is used to power anything from the Rolling Stones concerts to the Cheops pyramid in El Giza Olflex and Lapp products are used to safeguard smooth trouble free operation of electricity in the most demanding conditions.



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Electroquip has over 25yrs experience selling and stocking Lapp cable.  We can offer you free Lapp cable technical advice and are market leaders in Lapp products in the UK. To find out more about Lapp cable and products Olflex, SY Cable, YY Cable, Hitronic, Epic, Skintop, Silvyn and Etherline, The History of Lapp Cable, the latest  Lapp news and articles relating to how we can meet your demands with Olflex, Hitronic, Epic, Skintop, Silvyn and Etherline - Look no further You're in the right place Electroquip are here to help you with all  your Lapp  enquiries from Olflex power and control cable, SY Cable, YY Cable - Hitronic optical transmition systems - Epic industrial connectors -  Unitronic data communication systems and  Etherline data communication and  ethernet cables . Volume discounts - we may be able to structure special discounts if you intend purchasing in bulk Lapp products. Benefit from an exceptional customer service and fastest delivery options for your Lapp - Olflex, SY Cable, YY Cable, Hitronic, Epic, Skintop, Silvyn and Etherline requirements



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