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Festo Distributor Electroquip supply the full range of Festo Pneumatics, Electric Automation and Festo Pneumatic components including > Festo Cylinders, Drives, Acuators from stock| Festo Valves configurable and standard types |  Festo  Fittings stockest for Festo UK.   Electroquip  have more than 25 years  supporting and supplying Festo pneumatic products to industry. Electroquip prides its self in providing same day or next day delivery on most Festo Pneumatic products from onsite stock  at the right price, backed up by a History of selling Festo Pneumatics in the UK for more than 25years. We can strucure volume Festo discount for quantity or bulk festo orders.


Festo Pnuematics History

Festo History

Festo Pneumatics was formed in 1925 by Albert Fezer and GottlibStoll who started out manufacturing wood cutting tools at Festo and found a great need for Pneumatics and Factory Automation in the process - Festo Pneumatics was born.

Festo pneumatics is a German industrail control and Factory Automation company, Festo's head quarters are based in Esslingenam Germany. Festo is an engineering focused automation company that sells Festo pneumatics and Festo electric actuators primarily to the automation industry.

Pneumatic cylinders have been used since the 19th century, since the time of the industrial revolution at that time used widely in steam engines. Fabricated using a steel tube and tie rods, with the end caps forged from die cast steel, with a steel piston coated with a seal material.  Automation entrepreneurs of the day made their own designs of pneumatic cylinder  based around a the standard design of either single acting or double acting pneumatic cylinders.


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Festo offers a best in class bench mark Engineering service via Electroquip, these solutions can be anything from a simple assemlbly kit, To full Electric Automation answers using Festo - Electroquip and a third party elements. From example Typical soloutions include custom machine design and process automation.


Festo Pneumatics - Some of the Brand Festo Pneumatic Named Products available from Electroquip »


Festo Electric Automation - Systems for positioning, with drives | axis controllers and complete range of accessories.

Festo Electromechanical drives for fast accurate positioning > Festo Electromechanical drives > Linear drives and slides | Festo Drives | Semi-rotary festo drives and rotary modules | Direct drives.

Festo Motors and controllers for a single source reliable off the shelf solution > Festo Motors and controllers > Servo and stepper motors | Motor and multi-axis controllers.

Festo Grippers Festo - Parallel gripper HGPP bench mark technology > Festo Grippers whether for sturdy gripping in a machine tool or micro-gripping in electronics manufacturing | Festo's range of grippers covers a wide variety of applications.

Festo - Suction gripper ESG round Festo Handling systems > Festo Handling systems > Pick & place | award winning Tripod robot complete pick and place solutions

Festo > Electrical and pneumatically actuated directional control valve Festo Vacuum Technology that really suck

Festo Vacuum Technology > Complete vacuum range consisting of simple vacuum generators | valves suitable for vacuum | vacuum switches and vacuum grippers.

Festo Valves - Pneumatic > Application specific standard pneumatic valves and universal valves. Manually and mechanically actuated valves | shut-off valves | flow control valves | pressure-limiting valves and proportional valves.

Festo - Valve terminal type 23 VTUB-12 Festo Valve Terminals > Festo Valve Terminals. Valve terminals with individual | multi-pin or field bus electrical connection | or integrated controller | with or without electrical inputs and outputs.

Festo Sensors - Festo Sensors | monitoring devices | complete with mounting brackets and lead variation.

Festo Image processing systems -  Festo Image processing systems > If you want to optimise your processes | rule out sources of error or design fast motion sequences more clearly.

Festo Compressed Air Preparation -  Festo Compressed Air Preparation Service unit combinations and individual units for compressed air preparation in two series | MS series and D series available in metal or plastic options

Festo Pneumatic fittings system  - Festo Pneumatic fittings system > Pipes | Hoses | Festo Tube | Plug connectors | Couplings  |Branching modules | Festo push in fittings

Festo - Pneumatics - Festo Electrical connector technology

Festo Pneumatic's aim is to maximise the productivity and competitveness for all its customers through use of Pneumatic and Electronic automation

Throughout the world Festo stands for the most well-known and respected pneumatics and automation company.


Festo Pneumatics future

Each year Festo reinvests 7.3 percent of its turn over back into Festo GMBH(Festo HQ) for development and reseach of its products to futher enhance product concepts and market lead technologies within the realms of Pneumatics, Electric Automation

Festo's test programs and creating Benchmarks for drive technology

Festo places great importance on outstanding production long lasting  quality : Every drive is subjected to a comprehensive test program with function, leakage and endurance tests. These provide statistics confirming service life characteristics for the best possible operational safety. Festo cylinders hold the record for a performance life in a pneumatic cylinder tested to run  82,000 km, meaning they could have travelled almost twice around the globe

Festo pneumatics has and continues to have many firsts

First to market with a same day build and despatch of non standard Pneumatic cylinders - please enquire

First to market with a compact valve terminal reducing costs and helping to standardize end users stock holding

Festo has many links with Universities, Institutes and development companies with their Bionic Network Learning Company They explore ideas using this to explore initiatives that go beyond the core business of factory automation and Didactics - Festo's training and center for learning.


Festo Bionic Learning Network History >


Festo has been working intensively within the relms of bionics since the early 90s.  During 2006 The Festo Bionic Network was born an association of world renowned universities, institutes and research and development companies. Since this time Fetso has developed and supported projects whose basic technical principles are borrowed from a wide variety of principles found in nature.


2006  Festo Airacuda -  Is a remote controlled, pneumatic propelled fish with Fin Ray effect and fetso fluidic muscle is a innovation.

2006 Festo Robotino - Festo Robotino® is used for autonomous measurement in an area. Festos Robotino® is equipped with detectors, laser scanner and a netbook.

Festo b-Ionic Airfish Using a unusual drive forms that were originally conceived for outer space.

Festo Humanoid - Festo's fluidic muscles mimic those of a human.

Festo Hovercraft Vector - A hovercraft with thrust vectoring

Bionics with pneumatics is the source for ever more new ideas from Festo.

We can offer unique products such as "High Speed Picker", which will enable you to achieve record-breaking production cycle times. And unique Emergancy break down services such as non standard length cylinder cut and assembled to your required length ­ ready for despatch same day, making same day delivery a possibility with Festo pneumatics

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