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A fuse for every application Cooper Bussmann® Brand


The Cooper Bussmann® brand is the industry standard for circuit protection on more than 50,000 SKUs of electrical and electronic fuses, fuse holders, power distribution blocks as well as engineering, training and testing services

About Cooper Bussmann

Cooper Bussmann is a wholly owned division of Cooper Industries, Inc (NYSE: CBE) and is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. With a more than 90-year history of innovation, the company has set the standard for circuit protection in the global market.

Cooper Bussmann manufactures a wide variety of North American and European-styled fuses for the electrical, electronics and transportation industries, plus inductors and transformers for power quality in electronic applications. Cooper Bussmann also offers engineering, training and testing services focused on downtime reduction, workplace safety and Code compliance.

Cooper Bussmann serves four basic markets:

Industrial MRO

Cooper Bussmann Products

The company manufactures more than 50,000 SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) to provide customers with greater selection:

Low Voltage, Branch Circuit Rated Fuses
Low Voltage Supplementary Fuses
Electronic - Printed Circuit Board and Small Dimension Fuses
Medium Voltage Fuses
High Speed Fuses
IEC & British Standard Fuses
Fuse Holders and Blocks
Power Distribution Blocks
Wire Connection Products
Telecom Protection Devices
Surge Suppression Devices
Overvoltage Products

Cooper Bussmann® engineering, training and testing services were introduced in 2005

You'll find Cooper Bussmann® fuses throughout industry, but also in the:

Gateway Arch, St. Louis
Sears Tower & John Hancock Building, Chicago
World's largest hydroelectric plant located between Brazil and Paraguay
New York Transit Authority subway trains
Walt Disney World monorail trains
NASA space shuttle and Mars lander
AOL/Time Warner Building, New York City

The Cooper Bussmann® Vehicle Electrical Center (VEC) power distribution module uses a patented programmable3D matrix technology.

Globally, Cooper Bussmann operates 12 manufacturing facilities.

History of Cooper Bussmann

1914 — Bussmann founded by brothers Al, Frank, Joe, Harry and Lee Bussmann in St. Louis, Missouri.
1929 — Bussmann acquired by Max McGraw, (later McGraw Edison). The Bussmann family remains active.
1979 — The Company moves its headquarters and manufacturing to its current location in Ellisville, Missouri, a St. Louis suburb.
1985 — McGraw Edison acquired by Cooper Industries, Inc.
1993 — Cooper Bussmann opens the Paul Gubany Center for High Power Technology. 

Cooper Bussmann Patent History

In its more than 90-year history, Cooper Bussmann has received more than 3000 utility and design patents, with more than 150 patents currently active.

1923 — Harry is awarded the first two patents for cartridge and electric fuses.
1924 — Frank receives a portable electric lamp patent.
1929 — Fusetron® fuse technology patented.
1963 — Bussmann receives a patent for its Class J time-delay fuse design.
1967 — The patented Low-Peak® fuse product line is introduced.
1992 — The patented LPCC midget time-delay fuse is introduced.
1993 — Cooper Bussmann introduces and receives a patent for surface-mount chip fuses used on printed circuit boards.
2000 — The finger-safe CUBEFuse® device receives five patents.

The Cooper Bussmann® IP20 finger-safe CUBEFuse® is now available up to 100A.

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