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Norgren’s vision is to create competitive advantage for its customers. By exploiting the potential of motion and fluid control technologies electroquips engineers apply their dedicated skills and resources to fully understand customers’ needs and processes so that they can develop smarter, more inventive and more effective solutions. For Norgren customers this means better results, faster/more efficient machines, improved machine performance, increased reliability/uptime and lower cost of ownership.


Application specific solutions
From the ultra fine control of a dosing valve for a child’s respirator, to the arduous environment of on-board vehicle suspension systems, Norgren is committed to optimising technological performance for its customers’ advantage. Norgren’s systems are engineered for flexibility based on strong product fundamentals. Application specific solutions frequently involve integrated or modular combinations of actuator, control valve and air preparation technologies. Within the field of motion control Norgren develops complete solutions for automation applications and within the field of fluid control Norgren combines the proven brands of Herion, Buschjost, KIP and Webber to offer extensive solutions for the handling of air, water, oil and other fluids.


Experience and understanding
Norgren & Electroquip have a wealth of understanding and experience in many different industry sectors – from packaging and PET bottling to on-board commercial vehicles, from semiconductor manufacturing to medical care and from printing and textiles to automotive manufacturing and rail transportation

Fresh innovative solutions
Norgren engineers listen, interpret, resolve and engineer fresh solutions that deliver real competitive advantage. With a vast amount of industry experience and applications expertise they are knowledgeable about legislation, standards and specifications. Their commercial acumen means that they understand and can respond to business issues such as return on investment, cost of ownership, time to market and technology leadership.

Added value solutions
Norgren also offers an unrivalled range of added value services designed to save time, provide up to the minute information and make doing business easy. Specialists are on hand to apply their expertise to help with product selection, single sourcing, circuit and control system design and customised training.

ISO-VDMA Cylinders
Conforming to ISO 6431, VDMA 24562 and NFE 49-003-1 standards. Seven ranges including SMART cylinder with stainless steel versions for all requirements. Double and single acting models with bore sizes from 32-200mm. Comprehensive choice of mountings.

ISO Cylinders
Double and single acting conforming to ISO 6432. Standard dimensions including mounting pitch and piston rod thread. Bore sizes from 10mm to 25mm (standard) 12mm to 125mm (stainless steel) Magnetic piston as standard. Adjustable cushioning optional

Non ISO-VDMA Cylinders
Alternative designs are available where space and profile are concerned. Compact cylinders have a considerably reduced overall length for stroke and come in two different designs. Roundline cylinders have a reduced length and a clean line profile.

LINTRA Rodless Cylinders

Pneumatic Grippers
Our family of grippers offers limitless solutions - Whether assembling electronic components or unloading production lines, handling test tubes or packaging foodstuffs.

Additional Ranges
These include Air Reservoirs, Air/Oil Pressure Converters, Hollow Piston Rod Cylinders and In-line Positioner Cylinders

Service Kits
The majority of cylinders are repairable. Please refer to the particular cylinder for details of the service kits available or contact our on-line Technical Support service.

A large selection of mountings exist for all cylinder ranges.

Switches - Magnetically Operated
Reed and solid state switches for position sensing.

Normally stocked item

Multi-Product Combinations and Boxed Sets
Popular multi-product combinations featuring Boxed Sets - these assemblies comprise shut-off valve, filter-regulator, lubricator, gauge and wall brackets.

Various grades of filter exist to remove condensate, dirt, oil, oil vapour and most hydrocarbon odours.

Dual function products that reduce air pressure to an adjustable level after removing water, dirt and dust.

Pressure Regulators
Pressure regulators reduce pressure to a level that is required by the application.

Lubricators distribute oil into the compressed air line. This can significantly increase the life of downstream equipment such as valves and actuators.

Pressure Relief Valves
Sometimes known as PRV's, these products will protect downstream equipment by relieving any excessive pressure. Pressure relief valves should be selected according to their relief flow rate and not necessarily by their product family.

Control Valves
A comprehensive range of soft start valves, dump valves and combined soft start/dump valves.

Air Dryers
Our 'point of use' membrane air dryers remove water vapour. They are ideal for applications demanding moisture free air, for example inkjet print heads and air bearings.

Accessories (Excelon)
Accessories for Excelon products including shut-off valves, mounting brackets, and tamper resistant devices.

Accessories (Olympian Plus)
Accessories for Olympian Plus products including yokes, shut-off valves, mounting brackets, and tamper resistant devices.

Accessories (Ported)
Accessories for Ported products including tamper resistant kits, drip leg drains, and lubricator liquid level switches.

Pressure Gauges
A comprehensive range of gauges featuring triple calibrated faces - bar, psi and MPa (megapascals).

Service Kits and Replacement Filter Elements

Solenoid Valves
Direct and pilot operated. DIRECT have the solenoid armature directly connected to the valve spool or poppet. PILOT use small integral direct solenoid valves to switch pilot air pressure to operate the main valve element.

Pilot Valves
Valves operated from a pilot air signal. Can be Pilot/Spring (pilot operated with spring return) Pilot/Pilot (pilot operated with pilot return) or Priority pilot/Pilot (pilot differential area).

Manual-Mechanical Valves
Valves with manual operators include a comprehensive range of neat compact push button, switch, rotary, and key operated units for panel mounting.

Safety Valves
Valves specifically designed to enable users to comply with particular industrial safety requirements and safe working practices.

Valve Islands
Fully assembled and ready-to-use modular sub-base valve banks with all solenoids pre-wired to a multipole connector of your choice. The quantity and mix of valve types can be specified to suit individual requirements.

System Valves and Valve Accessories
This category contains important system related components as well as accessories for specific valve types and ranges.

Push-in Fittings
Available in both metric and inch sizes. There is a new range available in Composite material again in metric and inch sizes. Additionally Norgren offer the Plasfit series for the food and drink industry.

BSP Fittings
This range of bright Nickel plated Brass fittings is both compact and corrosion resistant. Sizes range from M5 - 1 1/2 BSP

Tubing and Hoses
A veriety of different materials to suit all applications.In flexible tubing Nylon, Polyurethane and braided Terylene with "Weldtube" for special applications. Rigid tube is available in half-hard or annealed Copper and Bundy.

Tubing Clips and Ties
Ties and Channels to suit all types of tube.

Ball Valves
Norgren offers a comprehensive range of Ball Valves to cope with most environments and mediums.

Blow guns, exhaust port filters, pressure indicators, pressure switches and silencers

Pneumatic - Vacuum Electro-mechanical Switches
Pressure changes will be converted into an electrical signal by means of a pressure sensor, a mechanic transmission system and a switching element (microswitch).

Pneumatic - Vacuum Electronic Switches
Pressure changes will be converted into an electrical signal by means of a sensor element and an integral electronic evaluation unit.

Hydraulic Electro-mechanical Switches
Pressure changes will be converted into an electrical signal by means of a pressure sensor, a mechanical transmission system and a switching element (microswitch).

Hydraulic Electronic Switches
Pressure changes will be converted into an electrical signal by means of a sensor element and an integral electronic evaluation unit.

Allfluid Electronic Switches
Pressure changes will be converted into an electrical signal by means of a sensor element and an electronic evaluation unit.

Bellows Vacuum Suction Cups
Bellows suction cups are ideal where level compensation is required. They are available from 10 - 110mm diameter in either nitrile or silicone.

Electrical Vacuum Switches
Available in normally open or normally closed operation. Repeatable to 0.1 bar with a switching voltage of 240V ac / dc.

Electronic Vacuum Switch Accessories
A 5 metre plug in cable is available for the electronic switch.

Electronic Vacuum Switches
This fast responce switch is available in PNP or NPN with LED indication. Switching voltage (Ub) is -0.7V and current consumption is 25 mA max.

Flat Vacuum Suction Cups
Flat cups are used where minimal movement is required for pliable materials. Available from 6 - 150mm diameter in nitrile or silicone.

Pneumatic Vacuum Switches
Available in normally open or normally closed operation. This switch has 4mm push in air connections and is adjustable from -0.2 - 0.8 bar.

Silencer (Vacuum)
A 3/8" BSP ported compact silencer with optimum air silencing characteristics.

Vacuum Gauge
1/8" BSP centre back mounted gauge, 40mm diameter, 0 to -1 bar calibration for accurate level indication.

Vacuum Generators
Single and multi stage venturi type generators with induced air values from 5.5 - 910 Nl/min. With an operating pressure of 6 bar a vacuum of -0.85 to -0.9 bar can be achieved. Selected models include built in silencer and non return valve.

Vacuum Suction Cup Accessories
A range of level compensators for use where product height or thickness varies. Also flexible connectors where a vertical offset motion is involved on curved surfaces.

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