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Lapp Cable


LAPP CABLE is a leading multinational manufacturer of high quality cables, cable glands and cable accessories for power, control, signal, instrumentation, data and BUS applications. LAPP products are used throughout the world in a wide variety of demanding industrial and commercial applications, including factory automation and robotics, materials handling, processing, packaging and building services.Whatever your cable application you can be sure LAPP will have the solution.

Lapp Cable - Products


Lapp OLFLEX® Connection and signal cables

The flexible, oil-resistant universal connection and signal cables for the most demanding conditions.
You wil find Olflex Cables in mechanical, tool machinery, systems and apparatus engineering and in measuring, control, heating and air-conditioning systems. Whether for fixed connections or in drag chains, whether halogen- free or with international licences - choose from our huge and unparalleled range in stock.

OLFLEX Cables s a registered trademark of the Lapp Group in many countries and is only original if it is from Lapp.

HITRONIC Cables- Fibre optic cable

The lightning-fast FIBRE OPTIC cables for secure data transmission in office and industrial environments.

HITRONIC Cables are our fibre optic cables for transferring larger data quantities.

The optical transfer media is unassailably fast and safe, even electromagnetic interference cannot affect a HITRONIC® fibre optic cable.

In our range:

Cables for office communication or industrial use, simplex, duplex, hybrid versions and high flexible versions for drag chain use.

POF, PCF or GOF versions.

Simplex, duplex and hybrid versions.

Also highly flexible for drag chains.

For uninterruptible, interference-free data transfer at the speed of light.

HITRONIC Cables is a registered trademark of the Lapp Group in many countries and is only original if it is from Lapp.

UNITRONIC Cables - Data cables

The fast, safe, pioneering data cables for an extremely diverse range of applications.

For machine and equipment electronics. For bus systems, fast LAN and Ethernet applications.

Also available in highly-flexible versions for ground cables. Innovative products for unadulterated data and signal transfer.


UNITRONIC Cables is a registered trademark of the Lapp Group in many countries, and the genuine product is therefore only available from Lapp

EPIC Connectors - Industrial connectors

The rugged, reliable and flexible industrial connectors as system components.

Also for BUS and fibre-optic cable applications.

Applications include electrical and telecommunications engineering, measuring, test and control technology, mechanical and equipment engineering.

EPIC® is a registered trademark of the Lapp Group in many countries, and the genuine product is therefore only available from Lapp.

SKINTOP Glands - Cable gland systems

The universal cable gland systems for simple, perfect, fast installation.

Of plastic or brass.

]For hazardous areas or EMC use.

Halogen-free versions or with kink protection.
Metric-, PG or NPT thread.

Simply insert cable and screw closed - you're done! Extensive line of accessories.

SKINTOP® is a registered trademark of the Lapp Group in many countries, and the genuine product is therefore only available from Lapp

SILVYN® - Cable protection and guide systems

The universal product line for perfect all-round protection of cables and lines.

Cable protection hoses, ground cables and screwed cable glands. Of plastic or metal.

For indoor and outdoor use.
For various temperature ranges.
Cable protection-hose systems also available with international approbations.

SILVYN® is a registered trademark of the Lapp Group in many countries, and the genuine product is therefore only available from Lapp.

ETHERLINE® Industrail Ethernet Products, Industrial Ethernet switches

Components for active network technology


The Lapp Group can also offer comprehensive system solutions in the industrial networking sector.

The factory automation sector supplements existing cable and connector technologies with active network components. These include services, security systems with firewall solutions and distribution components like switches and routers, cables and connectors. As a result, the Lapp Group takes a major step for industrial customers toward security, safety and availability.

ETHERLINE®Active Network Components

Such as switches (managed/unmanaged) for industrial applications

Firewalls for industry with VPN functionality

Power supply units, management software for industrial networks (OPC),
storage media, assembly racks etc.

Lapp Calbe is  suited to every industry


Food & Beverage cables

Hygiene is an absolute priority in the food industry. These tough requirements also apply to electrical components. It is particularly important for components to be resistant to aggressive acidic and alkaline industrial cleaning agents. These difficult conditions mean that it’s not always easy to find the correct product.

Lapp has a comprehensive range of standard and specialised products which meet the requirements of the food and packaging industries. Our tested and proven range of products contain a solution for all applications.

Lapp Group manufacture a full range of products suitable to combat the common causes of cable failure in the Food and Beverage Industry, for example –

Infestation with microbes

The degradation of organic substances is caused by microbes and bacteria. Despite sufficient cleanliness, this natural process can not be completely avoided. This typically occurs in agriculture, slaughterhouses, waste disposals etc. Provided that sufficient temperature and humidity are available, cable sheaths can also become a nutrient medium for microbes and bacteria. The decomposition of the insulation material will be the consequence.


In the food industries, steam jet cleaners are used for cleaning to meet the hygienic requirements. If, however, cables come into contact with steam or hot water, the hydrolysis phenomenon will appear. This means that substances are flushed out of the sheaths, initiating degradation reactions. The insulating material will become brittle, the speed at which this process progresses depends on the temperature prevailing in the cable.

Both Robust and Polyurethane cables from Lapp are Microbe-Proof and Hydrolysis resistant, so will withstand the rigorous cleaning requirements in hygiene critical areas.


Light & Sound cables

In opera houses, theatres, congress centres, concerts, film and TV productions, sound, light, video and multimedia are the most important mediums of each performance and every show.

In addition to the load cable (ÖLFLEX® CLASSIC 110 + EPIC® connector), Lapp Group also offers sector-specific products.

Special leads for video, audio and power applications, as well as complex combination cables provide a comprehensive product portfolio for the most varied application on the stage, in the studio, for monitoring, light and power mixers, DMX, microphones, loudspeakers, etc.


Photovoltaic cables

The much talked about boom in the photovoltaic sector was triggered by the worldwide shortage of fossil fuels and, not least, the positive attitude of users in recent years towards environmentally-friendly energy production.

As an environmentally-aware company and one of the leading suppliers in the wind energy and photovoltaic sector, Lapp Group is contributing to this trend.

Taking all usage requirements into consideration, Lapp Group offers a products for the most varied photovoltaic sector requirements, providing complete cable solutions from the roof to the cellar.
In collaboration with users, the TÜV (German Association for Technical Inspection) and the North American UL approval organisation, a variety of tests have been carried out on our Olflex® SOLAR cables, SKINTOP® threaded cable connections and EPIC® SOLAR connectors to guarantee highest quality standards.
Our products conform to RoHS.

Solar energy systems that use Lapp products are installed worldwide


Robotics cables

Robots are always in motion.

They work precisely and under the toughest conditions:

As do the associated cables, components and systems,which make the work of the robots possible in the first place.

Robots are essential throughout industry.

They are an integral part of the complex production processes and the least problem can lead to high costs in terms of production downtimes.

Solid expertise

We put our products through their paces in the company's own laboratory and test facility
to make sure they meet the high expectations of the customer. The demanding requirements for these systems means that a tailored solution is needed for every application.

Lapp Group therefore develops robotic cables and system solutions in close cooperation with the customer, always taking into account details such as cross section, movement and environment in preparing the design.

Even the first samples are thoroughly tested.

The customer can therefore be confident that the solution is the right one and the danger of costly downtimes of production equipment are reduced to a minimum.

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