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Moeller is a leader in the global market for automation and control technology and an international manufacturer of electrical equipment.

We offer an extensive range of industrial control components, programmable logic controllers, variable speed drives, interface terminals and communications software combine to offer reliable and efficient solutions to the industrial, OEM and process control markets.

Moeller – Automation and Power Distribution
Moeller Business is one of the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers of components and systems concerned with power distribution and automation in industrial, infrastructure and residential building applications. Since April 2008, Moeller has been a part of the Eaton Corporation, a diversified global industrial group with 70,000 employees and an annual turnover of about US$11.9 billion in 2009.

About Eaton's electrical sector
Eaton's electrical sector is a global leader in power distribution, power quality, control and industrial automation products and services. Eaton's global electrical product lines, including Cutler-Hammer®, Moeller®, Powerware®, Holec®, MEM®, Santak®, and MGE Office Protection Systems™ provide customer-driven PowerChain Management® solutions to serve the power system needs of the data center, industrial, institutional, government, utility, commercial, residential, and OEM markets worldwide.

One hundred years and longer – Innovations that contribute to our customers' success
Since its foundation in 1899, the Eaton's Moeller Business has always been concerned with creative ways of handling energy and giving it direction, form and purpose to thus make it available where it is needed. Nowadays, our worldwide customers world implement economical solutions involving high-quality products in applications as varied as the installation of electrical systems for industrial or building management purposes and the automation of production processes and machines.

Thinking globally and acting locally – Our commitment to partnership
Electrical energy knows no limits, and our customers are equally global. Wherever they go in all the major markets of the world, we are never far away.

Moeller Business is ready to take on new challenges and tread new paths. Our worldwide involvement is part of our strategy, and we act as an engine of progress in both traditional European markets and the growth markets of Eastern Europe and Asia. Thanks to committed personnel and our highly-capable system and sales partners, the Eaton's Moeller Business stands for competency in your vicinity.

Products & Solutions
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Control and Indication
Control circuit devices RMQ-Titan, RMQ16
Signal towers SL

Electronic Position Switches LS

Mechanical Position Switches LS

Electronic Sensors

Pressure switches MCS

Safety position switches

Rotary switches, switch disconnectors

Small Enclosures CI-K
Control and Visualisation
Timing relays ETR

Safety relays ESR

Measuring and Monitoring Relays EMR

Easy control relays

easy Safety

easyControl compact control

easyHMI: MFD-Titan


easyHMI: MFD

Operating and Display Device MI4
Modular PLC

Compact PLC

Switched-mode power supplies SN3
Switching, Protecting and Driving Motors
xStart – the new generation

Contactors 3-pole

Contactors 4-pole

Contactor Monitoring Relay

Mini contactor relays

Contactor Relays


Motor-protective relays

Motor-protective circuit-breakers

Motor starters MSC

Compact starters, High-capacity compact starters PKZ

Busbar system SASY 60i

Soft starter

Frequency Inverters

Decentralized Drive Engineering
Matching Voltage and Current
Customised coiled and wound products

Power supply unit
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Switching and Protecting Power Distribution
Circuit-Breakers, Switch-Disconnectors up to 1600 A

Circuit-Breakers, Switch-Disconnectors up to 6300 A

Arc Fault Protection System ARCON

Moeller CurveSelect: Characteristics program

Moeller BreakerVisu: Visualisation for circuit-breakers

Metering and communication module NZM-XMC

Miniature circuit-breakers, Residual current circuit-breakers Switchgear Systems
xEnergy Switchboard Systems

MODAN Power Distribution Systems

Insulated Distribution Boards


Moeller Engineering Tools
Xclever home

Xcomfort Building Automation

Xpatch Network Technology

Xpole Installation Products

Xboard Distribution Boards

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Darwin Technology
Darwin Technology

Evolution in the control cabinet

Continuous communication

Automation Award



Product film Technology
Product film Application
Safety Technology
Regulations and standards

Safety manual

Safety related characteristics
Software SISTEMA
Renewable Energies
Renewable Energies


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