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History of Kraus & Naimer

Since the Beginning of 1907, Kraus & Naimer's Strategy has been Innovation and Customer Service.

Today, Kraus & Naimer employs some 1100 people worldwide and manu­factures around 4.3 Million switches per annum. The world's smallest cam switch has been designed according to the motto "We made it better, now let's make it even better".

Together with our partners, Kraus & Naimer is working on cam switches and switch disconnectors with IDC and spring clamp terminal technology.

Kraus & Naimer's global leadership is based on our products delivering the highest possible technical standard, uncompromising quality and our international presence. Qualified engineering and customer support consultancy, local stock and on-site assembly facilities guarantee quick and competent service.


Kraus and Naimer Blue Line control switches, switch disconnectors, contactors, relays and overloads are protected by numerous patents throughout the industrial world. They are built to international standards and designed to withstand adverse temperatures and climates.

Rotary Cam Switches 10 - 2400 amps  

The switches of the C, CA, CAD, CG and CH series, offer a solution for most cam switch applications. Different contact designs, contact materials and terminals allow for their
use as control switches, instrumentation switches and motor control switches.

An extensive range of optional extras are also available including front or base mounting, single hole mounting and key operation.

Pre-configured switches exceeding the requirements of IEC 60947-3, EN 60947-3, VDE 0660 part 107, IEC 60204, EN 60204 and VDE 0113 and meeting the standard on switch disconnectors, main switches and maintenance switches. 

C-, CA-, CAD-, CL-, L-SWITCHES: 6A - 2400A
The switches of the C-, CA-, CL-, CAD-series offer a solution for most cam switch applications. Different contact designs, contact materials and terminals allow for their use as control switches, instrumentation switches and motor switches as well as in electronic circuitry and aggressive environments.
The cam-operated L-switches are continuous current rated for off-load switching. They may be used to switch resistive or low-inductive loads. CG-, CH-, CHR-SWITCHES: 5A - 25A

Cam switches of the CG-, CH-, CHR-series are designed for universal application and may be ideally be used for control switches, instrumentation switches and motor control switches. Different contact designs, contact materials and terminals allow the use in electronic circuitry and in aggressive environments.
This series have easily accessible terminals; even with the switch already mounted. The CHR-series can be connected with ring type or quick connect terminals without removing the screws. 

DH-, DHR,- DK-, DKR-, D-SWITCHES: 6A - 25A / 1V - 690V
This switch series was aimed to achieve a wide range of applications particularly in the field of very low power, i. e. calibration-, control- and semiconductor circuitry as well as contactor- and relay controls. Fully enclosed stages with several contact designs guarantee very high switching reliability, even in adverse environments. Contacts can be operated by turning or/and pushing the handle. 

Kraus & Naimer has begun 2008 with a newly designed DC-switch; the G-line! The "Knife contacts" have been designed in a new way resulting in a switching capacity of 20 Amps at 690V DC (DC-22A) and high short circuit withstand capability. Finger-proof terminals according to EN 50274 and protection degree IP20 offer maximum safety. In combination with a standard latching mechanism, the G20(S) complies with all regulations required for main switches according to IEC/EN 60204. In addition the G20(S) is also ideal for AC-applications with high short circuit fault levels, as well as electronic circuitry with low current and voltages. Of course also G20(S) can be combined with many optional extras from the Kraus & Naimer product line.

The main switches of the KC-series are equipped with tension clamps and distinguish themselves, by a compact design and at the same time with high AC-23A switching capacity as well as very large clearance and creeping distances. The tension clamp offers outstanding contact force. Variation in temperature and shock as well as vibration are reliably compensated. Unintentional loosening of the conductor is impossible. The displacement of the fingerproof (IP20) clamps by 60? ensures comfortable wiring of conductors up to 6mm2. Each connection terminal provides two tension clamps.  

The new KF-series features unusually large isolation distances and offers high AC-23A motor ratings. It covers the range from 16A to 25A and offers disconnect capability of up to 1000V according to IEC 947. The rotary contact system incorporated in a new type of modular contact block allows high mechanical life expectancy and precise and reliable contact making.  

The KG-series covers switches and switch disconnectors from 20A to 315A with remarkable safety-margins. Particularly suited as main switches and maintenance switches. KG-switches are extremely compact while featuring unusually large isolation distances between open contacts for maximum safety. Forced opening and closing main contacts are standard. 

The new series offers a 4 pole switch body and symmetrically placed contacts with increased stability. Reduced forces of the latching mechanism allow easier operation.The adjustable length trough shaft permits interlocking devices to be added at the end of the switch. The safety levels of these switches surpasses those of many international standard organizations.
The KHR-switches are designed for connecting with ring type terminals. 

The switches of the A-series are provided with four double-break contacts per stage for extra-compact design. A-switches allow up to 24 switching positions on a minimal depth. Typical applications for A-switches are multi-step switches with numerous poles. 

X-SWITCHES: 180A - 630A
Cam switches for current ratings from 180A to 630A allow for a large number of contacts with minimal panel depth.
These include control relays and 2, 3 and 4 pole contactors, special purpose contactors and thermal overload relays. Motor Starters are available for direct-on-line starting or for star-delta starting with manual control or automatic start. 

KRAUS & NAIMER provides a wide range of possible mountings for each switch type. The most common mountings are the panel mounting and the base mounting which are available in several variations.
Further types of mounting: Enclosures, 'Snap on' mounting, Plaster depth boxes, Mosaic, ...  

Door clutches, auxiliary contacts, padlocks, shaft extensions, ... 

The entire Kraus Naimer switch product range is supported and offered quickly and reliably by Electroquip with on site stock held in Sittingbourne.