Founded by Carl Augustin 1850 Weidmuller started out as C.A Weidmuller textile company in Reichenbrand Germany. In 1943 the world war imposed change in product range chief engineer Wilhelm Staffel designs terminals for AEG. Latter producing plastic insulated named SAK terminals with patented steel clamping yokes winning Mr Staffel the coveted Diesel Medal. Today Weidmuller is at the heart of most major industries where there’s electronics and electrical connectivity. Every year Weidmuler use 2,500 tons of copper, 4,500 tons of plastic, 4,000 tons of steel and 1,200.000,000 screws in the production of innovative electronics and connection technology.


“Connectivity is complex  - Innovation and creativity on all business levels call for open mindedness, flexibility and connectability” Christian Glasel Weidmuller Family Member


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weidmuller history


1850 Carl August forms C.A. Weidmuller a textile company in Reichenbrand nr Chemnitz Germany

1899 Patented snap fasteners are manufactured in the Tisa plant, Bohemia Moritz Wachtler is CEO

1931 Moritz Wachtler becomes owner of C.A. Weidmuller, his grandson Glasel given a share holding

1937 Gottfried Glasel becomes owner and CEO due to old age of Mr Wachtler

1943 War forces product change Wilhelm Staffel produces first Staffel terminals for AEG in Berlin.

1952 Weidmuller SAK terminal with patented steel clamping yokes are developed

1959 Weidmuller UK founded as Klippon Electricals manufacturing terminals, I/O modules alike

1967 Wilhelm Staffel receives the Diesel medal, awarded by German inventors association

1971 Peter Glasel becomes CEO of the Weidmuller group working closely with Mr Lyn Baxter

1978 Employee suggestion scheme and introduction of automated assembly

1980 Weidmuller formed subsidiaries globally to actively connect to the future.

1990 To present day has seen The Weimuller product portfolio blossom with innovative products


The Weidmuller name stands for performance, competence and reliability – since 1850. Weidmuller know the industries, the markets and the technologies.  Weidmuller maintain close relationships and are a partner to our customers. And always have a finger on the pulse of time, most of the time are ahead of it. Weidmuller use know – how for innovative solutions as an answer to the challenges of today or maybe even tomorrow.


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