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Dold Electronic Measuring Devices - Safemaster


Dold has over 70 years experience in building control and relay devices. The brief outline of the company history below shows the development from a small company making mechanical switchgear an timers, to a high-tech major player in the field of electronic measuring devices. From the start, the founding family recognised the importance of producing high quality products that the market required. Together with a depth of knowledge that only comes from employees who have worked for the company for many years, Dold have been able to produce a range of innovative products for the control, automation and panel building industries.


Dold Company Profile


History of Dold - Company Development

1928 - Founded by Emil Dold
1936 - Moved to new premises with 25 employees. Production of first DOLD relay
1948 - New start with 44 employees, after shutdown and dismantling of plant in 1945
1952/65 - Continuous growth to 333 employees
1967 - First modular mechanical DOLD timer
1975/76 - The Mini-Timer relay ZS700 sets new standards because of its universal use as a flush mounting and panel mounting product
1978 - First programmable controller in a standard enclosure for the car and machine tool industry
1982 - Production of first DC brakes at DOLD
1992 - Expansion of the product range with soft start and semiconductor contactors
2002 - Dold Industries produces motor brake relay, DOL starters and combination soft start motor brake relay that comply with the PUWER 98 woodworking information sheet
2004 - Dold Industries produce large motor brake relay star delta starters up to 45kW

Dold Products

Motor Control ProductsContents
A range of soft starts, motor brake relays and load monitors. These products are user friendly, have innovative design features and offer industry proven reliability. Designed to control motors from 1kW to 60kW, features include one, two and three phase controlled soft start, soft stop and DC injection braking. Most units have built in contactors with full function indication and meet all the current EMC requirements

Emergency stop modules / monitorsIn 1988, DOLD developed their first emergency stop module BN 5983 for man-machine protection. Conventional contactor controls with their expensive interconnection wiring could be replaced with this product and a lot of space could be saved in the control cabinet. With current emergency stop modules featuring a width of only 17.5 mm and a depth of only 70 mm, DOLD has again set new standards for safety relay modules.
In large installations with multiple emergency-stop buttons, it is useful to quickly know which emergency-stop button has been operated to minimise downtimes. For this application DOLD offer specific emergency stop button monitors with indication and bus outputs

Safety gate monitors and safety switches
Safety gate monitoring modules watch the position of movable safety devices by interrogation of safety switches which are operated by safety device opening/closing.

DOLD light barrier controlers

Light barriers belong to electro-sensitive protective equipment (ESPE) which cut off dangerous movements and initiate a safe condition when persons or objects approach to a dangerous location

DOLD two-hand control modules

Two-hand controls on machinery and plants are used to protect operators against injuries by dangerous closing movements. The control unit is located outside the dangerous area to prevent the operator from getting into this area before a dangerous movement is actually stopped.

DOLD safety mat modules

Evaluation of safety mats These safeguard products generate a control command when exposed to an operating force and cause an immediate stop of a dangerous movement via an evaluator module.

DOLD extension, delay and coupling modules

Extension modulesExtension modules can be used to multiply the output contacts of the basis modules. Also contact reinforcement by splitting into multiple control circuits is possible.
Delay modulesThe emergency-stop of a dangerous movement can be accelerated by a controlled stop operation according to the stop category 1 by allowing motor brake functions or controlled drive speed reduction to run during the cutout delay.
Coupling modulesCoupling modules with positively driven contacts are used to switch safety-related functions as links between logic circuitry and load.  The positively driven NC contacts can be used to monitor the closing contacts.

DOLD speed and stand-still monitors

Stand-still/speed relays monitor the rotation of drives to generate a control signal at zero speed or when a set speed is exceeded.




Sometimes, persons must access dangerous areas of machinery and installations to carry out machine settings or fault elimination, for example. Because they are out of the reach, stationary emergency-stop buttons can not be reached early enough for a cutoff of the machinery within seconds. SAFEMASTER®W, a wireless companion for your safety, is the solution for this problem. It allows you to cut off dangerous movements within a fraction of a second.

You have questions about SAFEMASTER®C and SAFEMASTER®M ? Please contact us. We are quite prepared to give you advice

DOLD’s multifunctional safety solutions

Apart from a variety of classic monofunctional safety modules, such as emergency stop modules, DOLD also offers multifunctional safety modules and systems. For this, DOLD integrates more and more functionality in less space.
In the compact multifunctional SAFEMASTER®C safety module several safety-related inputs are assigned to a single output. The selection of available safety functions includes:
Emergency stopSafety gateElectro-sensitive protective equipment (ESPE), e.g. light barriersTwo-hand safety button type IIIA or IIIC acc. to EN 574Functions and operating modes can be easily selected by rotary switches.With SAFEMASTER®M as a modular safety system it is possible to tailor the safety functions to the relevant application in a cost-saving manner. Evaluation includes:
Emergency stopSafety gateElectro-sensitive protective equipment (ESPE), e.g. light barriersTwo-hand safety button type IIIA or IIIC acc. to EN 574Input modules with freely selectable safety functions can be assigned to different output modules. An optional field bus connection allows system status visualization.

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