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SICK sensors  is one of the world's leading suppliers of sensor systems in the areas of factory and process automation. SICK sensors are  to be found wherever sensors are used to regulate processes. This is based upon a wide range of technologically sophisticated products and comprehensive expertise in these sectors.  Correctly packed Easter eggs, correctly dispatched packages, safeguarded doors on trams, the right case reaching the right holiday destination, fog warnings on the motorways, clean air in tunnels.



SICK Sensor Intelligence…Erwin Sick and Sensick the brand

SICK ... is the name of the company founder Erwin Sick, who founded the company near Munich in 1946.



The Claim Sensor Intelligence.


A claim or slogan is a central message for a brand. It positions the brand in the market and distinguishes it from its competitors. Above all, however, a claim is a confident a statement which radiates outwards and inwards. It formulates a promise to customers, employees and the public; for SICK it is simultaneously a self-image and a commitment.



The brand Sick Stegmann

For over five decades products of the brand   Sick Stegmann ensure that the lift stops at the correct floor, that posters are printed with excellent colour quality and that electric-motors can be operated in an energy efficient manner.  Through comprehensive experience, continuous innovations, highest precision and quality, Sick Stegmann offers customers standard products and problem solving solutions for individual tasks.


Positioning Encoders
Motor feedback-systems
Applications with positioning encoders
Applications with motor feedback systems


Sick Product portfolio a sensor for every application…


Industrial Sensors:
Sensick Photoelectric sensors, Inductive proximity sensors, Capacitive proximity sensors, Magnetic proximity sensors and Magnetic cylinder sensors


Identification solutions:
Bar Code Scanners, Image-based Code Readers (1D/2D/OCR),Hand-held Scanners and RFID Connectivity


Measuring and detection solutions:
Sick Lasers, Indoor Laser Measurement Technology, Outdoor Laser Measurement Technology and Level sensors Pressure sensors


System solutions:
Volume Measurement Systems, Code Reading Systems, Dimensioning and Weighing Scanning Systems


Analysis and Gas Flow Measurement:
Gas analyzers, Dust measuring devices, Volume, flow measuring devices, Analyzing systems, Liquid analyzers Data acquisition systems and Tunnel sensors


Motor feedback systems and Positioning encoders

Opto electronic protective devices:
Safety laser scanners, Safety camera systems, Safety light curtains, Multiple light beam safety devices single-beam photoelectric, safety switches and Mirror and device columns Upgrade kits


Safety switches:
Electro-mechanical safety switches, Non-contact safety switches and Safety command devices


Sensors Control - safe control solutions:
Safety relays, Safety controllers and Network solutions


Registration Sensors:
Contrast Sensors, Colour Sensors, Luminescence Sensors, Fork Sensors and Array Sensors


Distance Sensors:
Short Range Distance Sensors, Mid Range Distance Sensors, Long Range Distance Sensors, Linear Measurement Sensors, Ultrasonic Sensors,  and Optical Data Transmission Position Finders


Automation Light Grids:
High End Automation Light Grids, Standard Automation and Light Grids Smart Light Grids


Vision Sensors, Smart Cameras and 3D Cameras Vision Illuminations


Where there's Sick there are sensors – and where there are sensors, Sick's solution expertise is never far away. Each problem is different, and so is each solution. Sometimes they're simple, sometimes they're complicated. From solutions with single sensors to complex systems with a wide variety of sensor components and control elements, your applications can profit from the years of experience of one of the world's leading specialists.


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