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Pneumax Pneumatic Automation


Pneumax pneumatics have been providing quality products and expertise to the UK market for over twenty years.
Pneumax has extensive stocks and manufacturing capabilities enable to them to provide tailor made solutions for their customer.

Pneumax is today one of the major European Manufacturers of Components for Pneumatics and Factory Automation.

Beginning with air preparation units, moving on to air management devices such as Pneumatic manual and solenoid operated valves and finally through to Pneumatic actuators, Pneumatic cylinders and handling equipment, Pneumax can always offer the right products.


Pneumax Pneumatic History


Pneumax was established in 1976, over the years have achieved a role of primary importance in the pneumatic and automation world. Pneumax strength is to offer innovative, modern pneumatic products at a reasonable price and flexility of delivery options.  Pneumax pneumatics head office is Lurano covers sum 750000 sq M 340000 sq M or these are offices and manufacturing facilities.


The wide range of products, consolidated reputation, reliability proven by millions of faultless components operating in the market every year, before and after sales services supported by a large and qualified sales network, well known capability of understanding and satisfying any customers' needs, make Pneumax the ideal partner beside a supplier rich of idea, technology and innovation. Pneumax is not only specialising in manufacturing the "Europe" standard of Pneumatic components but also the "JIS" standard.

Pueumax Products Includes:


Mechanical Valves - Miniature valves 2/2, 3/2, 5/2, 5/3 - Pneumax seris 104, seris 105, seris 200, seris 700, seris 600
Solenoid Valves - Direct operated valves, Pneumatic actuated valves, Pneumax seris 300, seris 800, seris 1000, seris 2000
Air Service Unit - Pneumax Filter regulators, FRL, Filter lubricators, Pnemax pressure boosters
Cylinders - Pneumax ISO 6432 cylinders, VDMA 24562, trough rod Cylinders, Single acting cylinders, Double acting cylinders
Fittings & Accessories - Push-in Pneumatic fittings, nylon tube, polyurathane tube and PU Tubing
Manipulation - Pneumax grippers, Rotary actuators, Twin rod slide units and Gudided compact air cylinders
Gas Springs - Pneumax shock absorber


Pneumax Pneumatics can assemble valves same day and manufacture pneumatic cylinders and despatch within 48hrs

Electroquip can arrange direct ship products from thePneumax  factory direct to your door step - if in stock on a next day 24/7 basis


Electroquip can also carry out Pneumax repairs, has Pneumax technical advice and is a market leader in Pneumax Pneumatics with UK on site stock of the Pneumax range of pneumatics call us for details. Volume discounts available please enquire.