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elobau sensor technology


Disclaimer : elobau have asked us to point out that we are not elobau the manufacturer, we have no affiliation or sponsorship with the owner's Trademark, product or services.

elobau designs and builds a vast array of components in the area of sensor technology mainly based around non-contacting sensors. Elobau has a well established base of core standard products contained within the portfolio, in addition they have the capability and experience to engineer bespoke solutions to meet a customer's requirements on an adhoc basis . Elobau's components are used in a very wide range of applications Factory and Machinery safety, Sensing applications such as Hall effect, Magneto-resistive, Proximity Switches, Level Measuring products, Plunger Switches, Push Button Switches, Temperature Sensors, Tilt and Angle sensors, Tractor joy sticks and a range of vehicle cabin controls.


elobau Sensor Technology are experts in non-contact sensor technology


Elobau History in the making

During the last 30 or so years elobau has been driven by passion, adaptability, product excellence since 1972 becoming the industry leader for non-contact sensor technology.

1972 - The company was formed elobau Elektrobauelemente GmbH & Co. and developed a revolutionary product being the first magnetic proximity switch to market with a dry reed contact for agricultural use particularly in a hay baling machine.

1977 - elobau ramps up its facilities by implamenting and develops inhouse manufacturing process, in this same year headlines another world first - the proximity safety switch.

1980 - Another important step for elobau was the addition of tractor switches to its growing product range the first product was based around plunger operated gear box switch incorporating a reed contact.

1989 - Elobaus product was further enhanced by the introduction of Ex explosion proof switches.

1990 - Elobau enhanced its relationship with the commercial vehicle industry by introducing new joysticks for motion control building a bond within the vehicle industry that is strong to this day..

1995 - The need for improved hygiene within food production was addressed by elobau with the introduction of Hygiene Sensors to meet the demands and needs for greater quality standards.

1996 - Elobau proved the reliability of reed technology by introducing the first non-contacting joystick.

1998 - As another response to market demand, Elobau introduced a range of Machine Safety Sensors with the introduction of the 2-N/O contact system.

2002 - Elobau developed its machine safety solutions further by introducing the first safety bus system, the range was named elosafe and was an instant success greatly improving machine safety with milestone safety technology.

2004 - Another industry first Elobau releases the first tilt switch that is mercury-free

2005 - Form over function or function over form - for the machine safety sensors, the designs of the sensors were no longer considered a bolt on accessory rather a integral part of the machine design.

2006 - Design played a large part in the new tilt switch N4 coupling high performance with sleek styling.

2008 - elobau builds on its success by constructing a second production facility to meet the demands of its customers growing needs for faster deliveries and maintaining quality standards the factory and new office are based in Leutkirch.

2009 - During this world wide recession Elobau invested time and energy in developing new ideas and products a new concept of machine safety switch offerings were introduced at this time.

Now - Elobau are the worlds leading manufacturer of non-contacting sensor technology, elobau has a global presents with 26 sites and locations around the globe Today - as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of non-contacting sensor technology elobau has representatives in more than 26 locations around the globe. Elobaus customer base today enjoy a open approach to providing specific customer solutions, high quality products that meet customers high expectations delivered on time with best in class customer service available through Electroquip

elobau philosophy.

It is purported that the Philosophy of elobau is of constant evolution and a striving for first to market product development.  This is all made possible by the strong in-house manufacturing and development team at the elobau sites. Quality has and always will be at the heart of the elobau philosophy in line with DIN ISO EN 9001:2000. which elobau is proud to be accredited with


Products from Elobau


Machine Safety

Elobau manufactures a complete product range and are specalists in Machine Safety in accordance with current machine safety standards.

The range from elobau comprises of some 25 options for its safety relays all certified to EN ISO 13849-1, effective in Europe December 2009. Elobau offer a single source of supply for machine safety guard monitoring offering products like, Proximity effect sensors with built in misalignment tolerances, Emergency stop button monitoring relays standalone or integrated into circuits - a complete range of relays, A micro-processor based relay capable of monitoring machine guard sensors, e-stops, external contactors simultaneously


Joysticks for Tractor Applications and Commercial Vehicles

elobau joysticks are all configurable to suit the specific requirements of the individual customer.  Primary focus is placed upon meeting the IP67 rating with housing and operating magnets kept separate, Great importance placed up on aesthetics and all elobau joy sticks comply with EMV standards for both industry and Automotive.


Tillt Sensors

elobaus range of tilt sensors are made up form Mercury titlt switches, as well as rotary angle sensors and analogue sensors all using the hall-effect

Manufactured to high elobau standards with an I.P.67 rating various options available, time delay, relay outputs, Digital output and Voltage options.


The entire product range manufactured by elobau is supported and offered quickly and reliably by Electroquip with on site elobau stock held in Sittingbourne


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