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More than 75 years of solutions  - carlo gavazzi


Carlo Gavazzi was a man who saw a future in automation in the days when it was seen by most as pure science fiction. The history of the business is littered with firsts and Carlo Gavazzi Automation Components are today installed in a huge variety of state-of-the-art, hi-tech products and processes all over the globe.  

Capacitive Sensors

Carlo Gavazzi's patented Tripleshield™ Capacitive Sensors have become the standard all other manufacturers are measured against. All Tripleshield™ sensors are tested to withstand electrostatic discharges up to 40 KV, line transients up to 4 KV, and airborne noise (ie. cellular phones) up to 15 V/m. Furthermore, some models have built-in humidity compensation.


Capacitive Proximity Sensors

Capacitive proximity sensors will detect most materials - conductive and non-conductive. This makes them ideal for level detection in raw plastic delivery systems and in agricultural applications.
Our sensors are available in 12 mm, 18 mm, and 30 mm diameter with both AC and DC outputs. We offer both plastic and metal housings with either a built-in cable or a connector.

Our sensors have adjustable sensitivity making them ideal for your level sensing applications. Furthermore, many models feature our Touch Mode programming for setting sensitivity levels and output status.


Contactors and Overloads

Carlo Gavazzi offers a complete range of Contactors and Overloads for switching currents up to 900 Amps (600 HP @ 480 VAC). All contactors are available with a wide selection of coil voltages and come standard with built-in auxillary outputs. Interlock and wiring kits are available to turn 2 standard contactors into reversing contactors.

In addition, our range also includes Definite Purpose Contactors up to 50 Amps in 1 pole, 1 pole + shunt, 2 pole, and 3 pole configurations. The 3 pole types can also be configured as reversing starters. View Brochure

We also offer complete enclosed starters with a choice of plastic or metal housing. Starters are available with none or with a start and stop pushbutton.
Our range also includes Manual Motor Starters up to 100 Amps


Counters and Timmers

Carlo Gavazzi offers a comprehensive range of timers for mounting in the back of or for mounting on the front of panels. We offer a number of different housing types with either a SPDT or DPDT relay output. Covering most timing functions (On Delay, Interval, Off Delay, One Shot, Zero Speed, Star-Delta, and Recycler), our timers are suited for practically every application.
Timers are frequently used in motor control centres, packaging machinery, HVAC equipment, control panels, and process control.

Our range of counters includes both 6 and 8 digit types with counting inputs up to 10 KHz. Input signals can be contact/NPN, PNP, or AC voltage. Furthermore, our 1/16 DIN counter has a programmable relay output.In addition to our digital counters, we also offer 8 digit digital hour meters.


Current Transformers

Carlo Gavazzi offers a comprehensive range of monitoring controls for monitoring of phase loss, incorrect phase sequence, phase unbalance, over/under current, over/under load, over/under frequency, and over/under voltage.

Our products include current monitors, voltage monitors, power monitors, phase loss relays, and current transformers.

These monitors are used in a wide range of applications for protecting motors against the damaging effects of single phasing and overloads (elevators, compressors, pumps, air conditioning systems, mixing tanks). They are also used extensively for monitoring instrumentation signals (4-20mA, 0-10V), verification of machinery operation, detection of broken heater elements, monitoring of lights in critical areas (runway lights at airports), monitoring of ventilation fans, and in building automation systems.


Digital Panel Meters

Carlo Gavazzi offers a comprehensive range of digital panel meters and digital displays (current meters, ammeters, voltmeters, frequency meters, temperature meters and temperature controllers, tachometers, and rate meters) for the OEM, Panel Builder, Instrumentation, and MRO customer. Covering most input types (current/voltage/temperature/resistance/RPM), our digital panel meters are well suited for your display requirements.
The UDM series is a hi-tech modular panel meter family developed to meet your most advanced application needs. The series is available with either a 3 1/2 digit (UDM35), 4 digit (UDM40), or 6 digit (UDM60) display. It can also be ordered without a display and be used as transducer or signal conditioner (USC).
The UDM series accepts most signal inputs (current, voltage, temperature, tach) and offers an analogue output as well as up to 4 digital outputs (relay). Since these are modular meters, outputs can be added at any time in the field. Remote monitoring via a PLC or PC is possible by inserting an RS485 communication module into the meter. In this way many meters can be monitored without adding a lot of expensive analogue cards to your PLC.
The UDM40 meter also features a 3-colour display allowing at a glance indication of relative operating condition (OK - Green, Caution - Yellow, or Alarm - Red). Furthermore, the UDM40 is also able to handle and correctly display non-linear signals. THe UDM60 series is for displaying pulse type signals (frequency, RPM, period measurement, and counters). The dual inputs and dual LCD display allow simultaneous display (digital and analogue) of both inputs.


Drives - Variable Frequency

The VariFlex2 Series is a compact, user friendly, and feature-laden AC variable speed drive for use with 3-phase AC induction motors up to 3 HP.
The drives can be installed side by side (DIN mount or panel mount) thereby freeing up valuable panel space.VariFlex2 drives can be supplied with input voltages from 110 VAC single phase up to 480 VAC three phase.
Configuration of the Variflex2 can be quickly carried out via the front panel or via the RVEFSoft software (which can be download free of charge online) ensuring you are up and running in no time.

Features include :

■Sensorless vector control (with high starting torque) or V/F control
■Speed control via front panel (digitally or via an adjustable knob)
■PID function
■I/O expansion (2 input/1 output insulated)
■DIN rail or panel mounting and remote Keypad available
■RS232 or RS485 MODBus RTU/ASCII serial communications available on all models through an option card
■Copy card option for fast and easy setup of identical drives



Dupline® - the versatile bus for Industrial Applications and Building Automation. Dupline is used for transfering analogue and digital information over distances up to 10 km. It can be used stand-alone or as part of a PLC based control system. There are no special protocols to learn - all modules are simply and quickly configured with a small hand-held device.

Dupline is used extensively in mining (ventilation, lighting, and conveyor control), elevators (for signal transmission), irrigation systems, water treatment facilities (signal monitoring, control), facility alarm systems, and in building automation (temperature and lighting control, security).

The nature of our voltage mains has changed greatly in the last 10 years. With the proliferation of non-linear loads such as inverters, power converters, switch-mode power supplies, and computers, there is a growing concern for the quality of our power sources.
Problems often arise which can cause equipment failure or shutdown resulting in significant costs and loss of production. Power quality problems can result in failure of compensation capacitors, tripping of fuses, over-heating of transformers and motors, failures of electronic equipment, and high neutral currents.
Energy costs are becoming a significant expense in most processes. With increased energy unit costs, decreased generating capacity, and the environmental concerns with the burning of fossil fuels, it is important that companies reduce their electrical consumption.

Energy/Quality Power Meters

Carlo Gavazzi offers a broad range of power quality meters, energy meters, and transducers which give early warning of power quality problems - allowing preventative action to be taken before a major failure results. Most of our products offer relay outputs that can be used to immediately shut down a piece of equipment if a certain threshold is reached. Another option is to connect to your PLC or PC control system to provide plant wide monitoring of power quality using 4-20 mA current signals or via RS485 communications.
In addition to our broad range of energy meters and power quality meters, Carlo Gavazzi also offers a number of software products for monitoring of a network of meters and transducers. This allows at-a-glance viewing of your complete power system


Inductive Sensors

Carlo Gavazzi offers a comprehensive range of inductive sensors - primarily used to detect metal parts and objects. These sensors are used extensively in packaging and plastics machines, assembly lines and conveyor systems. Our inductive proximity switches feature a 10 year warranty.

Our inductive sensors and proximity switches are available in a wide variety of styles and feature both digital (SCR, transistor) and analogue outputs. We also carry a wide selection of ancillary products such as timers, zero speed relays, counters, and digital speed indicators and tachometers.
Carlo Gavazzi offers inductive sensors in cylindrical housings (from 4mm to 30 mm) with both standard and extended sensing distance and in a flat-pack housing


Level Control

Carlo Gavazzi comprehensive range of level detection products is well suited to solve most level control applications. Our range is able to detect conductive and non-conductive liquids, granulates, grains, and plastics.
We offer sensors and control relays for both on/off control and continuous monitoring of levels. We offer conductive probes and amplifiers, capacitive level sensors, ultrasonic sensors, magnetic level probes, and optical sensors.
Typical applications are for level control in wells and municipal water systems, protection of pumps, levels in grain elevators and feed conveyors, and level detection in vacuum delivery systems in the plastics industry.


Limit & Safety Switches

Carlo Gavazzi offers a comprehensive range of high quality limit switches perfectly suited for a wide variety of sensing applications. We offer a wide variety of actuating heads and numerous housing sizes in either plastic or metal.
Connections are made via a 1/2 inch conduit entry. On request we also offer it with PG13.5, PG11, M20x1.5, or M16x1.5 conduit entry.

Various output configurations are available in slow and snap action. Many models also feature force break contacts.
Limit switches are frequently used in position detection on doors and machinery and parts detection on conveyors and assembly lines


Magnetic Sensors

Carlo Gavazzi offers a comprehensive range of magnetic sensors for use in proximity detection applications. As their name suggests, they used in conjunction with an external magnet - when the sensor approaches the magnet, the output from the sensor will change state.

Typically these sensors will have a longer sensing distance than typical proximity sensors. As well, the output will be a mechanical contact.

There are a wide variety of styles available including rectangular, cylindrical, and slotted. As well, special coded magnets and sensors are available for use in safety applications. Magnetic sensors are frequently used on elevators and lifts, gate control, level detection, and access control.


Motor Controllers

Carlo Gavazzi offers a range of motor controllers for soft starting/stopping, dynamic braking, and reversing of three phase squirrel cage motors. Applications include conveyor systems, pumps, compressors, industrial dryers, mixers, automatic doors, palletizers, and fans.
Our soft starters are available with a ramp characteristic suited to starting both compressors and pumps and furthermore, it includes a 'Kick-Start' feature to start loads with a higher break-away torque. Our soft start controllers feature internal bypass relays which eliminate the need for large external heatsinks. This minimizes the space requirements in your panel and also greatly reduces the heat generated.

We also offer soft starters with built-in over temperature monitoring, thermal monitoring of motor via PTC sensor, and built-in overload protection (class 10 or class 20).


Photoelectric Sensors

Carlo Gavazzi offers a large range of photoelectric sensors which are used extensively on packaging machinery, automatic door systems, and in car washes. Our sensors are available in diffuse reflective, background suppression, reto-reflective, polarized, through beam, clear object detection, and colour recognition.
We also offer a range of fibre-optic type sensors for applications where a conventional sensor cannot be used (space restrictions, temperature, atmosphere).
Also included in our range are our VP series optical types. These are ideal for use in level applications. They are available in various housing materials which allow their use in various industrial cleaning solutions

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