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maihak history


1885 Foundation by Hugo Maihak and Georg Klug 
1920 Introduction of the first gas analyzer 
1978 First TOC water analyzer system 
2000 Take-over of the majority of shares of the MAIHAK AG by the SICK Group
2004 The MAIHAK AG gets a subsidiary of the newly founded SICK MAIHAK GmbH

And a bright future - new prodcuts include:


Maihak GME700 - The Laser Gas Analyzer GME700 measure several gas components, such as NH3, HF, O2 or HCl. The compact 19"-unit with heated measuring cell can be easily integrated into existing analyzing systems.

Maihak MKAS - The analyzing systems MKAS include in addition to the analyzers all major system components according to the requirements of the application. Due to their modular concept they can be extended and adapted to the measuring tasks.


Maihak FLOWSIC100 Flare - Life is never dull in flare stacks. In no time, a gentle flow can become a hurricane. That´s when you need a superior flow meter - the FLOWSIC100 Flare.


Maihak GM32 In dangerous locations, it’s better to look but not touch. The GM32, the new system for CEMS gas analysis from SICK, does just that.


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