Festo MFH-5-1/4 6211

Festo MFH-5-1/4 6211

Festo MFH-5-1/4 6211

£162.00 exc. VAT
£194.40 inc. VAT

Festo MFH-5-1/4 Solenoid Valve - Spring return, Very reliable often referred to as "Classic Tiger Valves" this range of solenoid valves offer exceptional performance with in the the Festo valve range.  Actuation is achieved by energising the F coil, bought separately in required voltage.  

Classic Tiger Valve  2000 port size 1/4" poppet valve, 5 port 2 way valve, ideal for using in conjection with double acting cylinders.

Temperature -10 to +60 deg C

Coil order separately   12vdc, 24vdc, 24, 42, 110, 230 v ac  50 or 60 hz

Protection with socket is ip 65P

Power consumption  DC 4.5W  / AC Hold 6VA, Pull 7.5VA 

Flow rates 800 L/Min   pressure ranges 2 - 8 bar

Product Description

Solenoid valve MFH-5-1/4 With manual override, without solenoid coil or socket. Solenoid coil and socket should be ordered separately. Valve function=5/2 monostable, Type of actuation=electrical, Width=30,5 mm, Valve size=30,5 mm, Standard nominal flow rate=1000 l/min

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