Festo MFH-5-1/4 6211

Festo MFH-5-1/4 6211

Festo MFH-5-1/4 6211

£125.91 exc. VAT
£151.09 inc. VAT

Solenoid Valve - Spring return

Tiger 2000 port size 1/4" poppet valve

Temperature -10 to +60 deg C

Coil order sepoarately   12vdc, 24vdc, 24, 42, 110, 230 v ac  50 or 60 hz

Protection with socket is ip 65P

Power consumption  DC 4.5W  / AC Hold 6VA, Pull 7.5VA 

Flow rates 1000 L/Min

Product Description

Solenoid valve MFH-5-1/4 With manual override, without solenoid coil or socket. Solenoid coil and socket should be ordered separately. Valve function=5/2 monostable, Type of actuation=electrical, Width=30,5 mm, Valve size=30,5 mm, Standard nominal flow rate=1000 l/min

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