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Vossloh Kiepe GmbH  world renowned as a global leader for factory automation safety products since their humble beginnings in 1906 to being an industry bench mark in safety products, based in Dusseldorf Germany employing more than 500 personal at Keipe's state of the art R&D and production facility.


Vossloh Kiepe achieved DIN ISO 9001 in 1994 and produce their safety switches and associated products   to meet the latest’s industry demands in order to protect  as Kiepe say “ when it comes to protecting yourself and your equipment why use anything else but the best”


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Kiepe and Kiepe Elektrik – when safety matters



Kiepe Elektrik pull rope emergency stop switches


To stop conveyors at any location in emergencies, complies to requirements of safety authorities in most countries with respect to personnel safety and equipment. Enclosures available in aluminium, brass or cast iron.


Kiepe Elektrik belt misalignment switches


Protect equipment by shutting down a conveyor when the belt mis-tracks.  Designed for maximum of safe operation under server conditions.


Kiepe Elektrik Limit Switches


Enclosures availble in aluminium or cast iron, designed for a maximum safe operation under server conditions.


Kiepe Electronic speed Monitoring


Pulse transducers, under/ over speed monitors, microprocessor controlled multi function monitors with LCD display


Kiepe Electronic Shaft Driven Speed Monitors


Electronic and electro-mechanical shaft driven speed monitors, belt driven speed monitors for direct monitoring of belt speed.


Kiepe Elektrik Misalignment Switch for Bucket Elevators


Contactless monitoring to bucket travel with switch distances up to 120mm


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