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For more than 110 years Siemens have been developing and manufacturing industrial control products.  Some of the success is due to a make it easier philosophy using innovative industrial controls, whether in the electrical cabinet, in the field or the machine front. This is why today Siemens have combined their complete range of industrial controls under just one star SIRIUS.

Siemens SIRIUS control gear not only provides you with a complete range, ensuring SIRIUS range is simple and fast to install with a focus on quality and reliability. Everything.  Quite simple.  Using Siemens SIRIUS industrial controls.


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Siemens Control Gear for Every Requirement

Whatever the demand – you are certain to find the ideal controls at Siemens. With just  7 sizes, the SIRIUS range of control gear covers the entire input range up to 250 kW/400 V. The large-size soft starters can be used up to 1200 kW/400 V. All Siemens contactors built with high contact reliability and compact design together with their special durability and long life – in the most demanding applications.


Protection Equipment for Safe Operation

Siemens protection equipment protects motors and systems reliably against overload and ensures that production runs safely and smoothly, especially during continuous operation.  From thermal and solid-state overload relays to circuit breakers for every element of control.


Every Possible Start

Be it for communication-capable motor starters or simple load feeders  >  starting possibilities provided by the SIRIUS system are immensely diverse. With switching devices and protection equipment - with a broad range of accessories, Siemens have a diverse array of extremely simple and practical starter solutions. Irrespective of whether motor starter solutions are centralized or distributed.


Industrial controls made easy

The Siemens SIRIUS product range comprises of devices for use in switching, starting, protecting, and monitoring, as well as combinations thereof, which are known as load feeders. Since all devices are matched to one another both electrically and mechanically, they can be combined really easily to create load feeders.


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