At Bernstein safety technology is our know-now

As a leading supplier of industrial technology, Bernstein’s unique ability to unite experience and competence in mechanical and electric engineering. With such a wide range of switches, sensors, enclosures and operator terminals, guarantees our customers solutions that are not only tailored to individually designed systems, but also conform to any applicable international safety directives.


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About the Manufacturer

Well founded application knowledge


The constant innovative developments, necessary to ensure regular technical advancement of new products and solutions are only possible with Bernstein’s well founded application experience accumulated over many years.  This knowledge enables Bernstein to support customers from many industry sectors in the planning and implementation of their technical safety requirements.


Expertise from one source – Bernstein knowledge is your success


As a one stop shop Bernstein has a huge range of products able to cover an unusually wide Varity of applications and requirements.  At Bernstein there is a focus, the complete safety solution should be greater than the simple combination of individual components.  This ability offered by Bernstein ensures not only individual products can be purchased, but entire signal chain from acquisition to evaluation.  This ability to single source is valuable, not only as it is more convenient and economical, but because it also ensures that components are optimally tailored to each other.


Bernstein know how


Bernstein ensures that its customers – wherever they produce their goods – can always depend on competence and knowhow of its staff.

Customer satisfaction is Bernstein’s number one priority. Quality is more than making a great product, it’s all about designing them to match your requirements.


Customized solutions are fully integrated into our business; all Bernstein team members will support you in order to provide best in class service and support. Electroquip will provide you with the best safe solution for any size project.


Bernstein switch systems


Bernstein electromechanical switches offer a bench mark in price over performance with extreme reliability and high quality built into every switch.  The range extends from limit switches, foot switches to safety switching devices.  The AS-i  compatible products save time and material in installation and provide cost advantages in operation. Bernstein switches cover a comprehensive range of sizes and designs, possible switching functions and a choice of actuators make virtually any application a reality.


Bernstein Sensor systems


Extremely fast and precise Bernstein sensors operate without wear and interference in all applications.  Tried and tested reliability, compact dimensions and specifically industry specifically designed sensors enable Bernstein to stay one step ahead of the sensor market.  Matching specific applications, in addition to ultrasonic sensors and level switches, customers can select from a range of inductive, capacitive, magnetic or optical sensors.


Bernstein Enclosure systems


With its tradition in manufacturing Bernstein combines superior enclosure technology, designed for encapsulating a diverse range of applications.  Ultramodern suspension systems, an extensive range of aluminium and plastic terminal enclosures as well as control boxes conforming to specific customer requirements.  Bernstein enclosures conform to standards used in medical technology, industry as well as food and EX applications  



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