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Contrinex a Swiss born market leader of photoelectric and inductive sensors since its foundation in 1972.  With its headquarters still based in Givisiez, Contrinex has grow from a one man band into a global forward thinking company employing more than five hundred people worldwide.


Contrinex manufactures a very wide range of sensors, including nearly every standardized sized photoelectric and inductive sensors.  However Contrinex real differentiator is its ability to provide innovative technology to develop advanced, high performance products.   For instance miniature devices, longer operating distances, more robust solutions to extreme environments and device in full metal housings. 


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Contrinex a sensor manufacturer unlike any other.



Contrinex manufactures a very wide product portfolio of sensing equipment, including nearly all standardized photoelectric and inductive sensors.


The Contrinex product range boasts sensor products for:


Miniature, self contained, photoelectric and inductive sensors


Inductive sensors with working distances up to 4-times more than standard offerings


Inductive sensors for very demanding operating applications, for instance:


Mechanically and chemically robust full-metal sensors


Sensors for permanent pressures up to 500 bar (peak 1000 bar)


Sensors for operating temperatures up to 230 °C


Full-metal / stainless steel sensors for food industry (IP 68 & IP 69K)


Full-metal sensors for sea-water applications (IP 68 & IP 69K)


Photoelectric sensors with background suppression


Inductive and photoelectric sensors with analogue output


Fiber-optic solutions


Full-metal RFID systems


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