Kiepe HENEX Pull rope Swich

Kiepe HENEX Pull rope Swich

Kiepe HENEX Pull rope Swich

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Kiepe HENEX Pull rope Swich \r\nBelt conveyor pull rope Switch\r\nheneX\r\nateX ii 2d ex td a21 ip 65 t 85 °c

Product Description

Belt conveyor pull rope Switch\r\nheneX\r\nateX ii 2d ex td a21 ip 65 t 85 °c\r\n\r\na p p l i c a t i o n\r\n\r\nKiepe Pull Rope Switches provide a switching system to isolate\r\nthe power to conveyor systems and other process equipment in\r\nevent of an emergency.\r\nThe devices have been designed for a maximum of safe operation\r\nunder severe conditions.\r\nKiepe Pull Rope Switches and accessories meet the requirements\r\nof international safety standards with respect to personnel safety\r\nand equipment (BGI 710).\r\nThe Kiepe Pull Rope Switches HENEX are approved for use in areas\r\nwith combustible dusts acc. to EN 50281-1-1, part 1-1: Electrical\r\napparatus protected by enclosures.\r\nThe switches are marked with II 2D Ex tD A21 IP 65 T 85 °C and\r\ncan be used in zones 21 and 22, equipment group II, categories\r\n2 and 3.\r\n\r\no p e r a t i o n\r\n\r\nKiepe Pull Rope Switches are actuated by a plastic coated\r\nsteel wire rope placed along-side the conveyor. Pulling on the\r\nrope at any point will trip and automatically lock the switches,\r\nde-energizing the conveyor starter contactor. Each switch is\r\nbi-directional in operation and has two ropes fitted to it from\r\nopposite directions terminating with a spring at the anchor\r\npoints.\r\n\r\nThe springs will operate the switch in the event of rope breakage.\r\nThe length of rope in either direction may be up to 50 meters.\r\nAfter tripping, the mechanical latch can be released only on\r\nthe switch itself by the reset lever. Pulling the rope operates\r\nthe actuating lever, which trips the internal cam into the\r\nOFF position. As the actuating lever is now uncoupled, it is\r\nimpossible for a subsequent switching operation to occur, even if\r\nconsiderable force is used.\r\nResetting can only be achieved by means of the reset lever, which\r\nat the same time provides ON-OFF-indication.\r\n\r\nt e c h n i c a l d a t a\r\n\r\nIn compliance with the following standards and regulations EN 50281-1-1, part 1-1, Ex II 2D\r\nEN 60947-5-1, EN 60947-5-5, EN ISO 13850\r\nVDE 0110 - degree of pollution 3, BGI 710\r\nSuitable for controls and equipment according to EN 60204\r\nEnclosure Aluminium GK-AISi 12\r\nFinish 2-component DD-tile enamel;\r\nEnclosure: yellow, RAL 1004;\r\nActuating lever: red, RAL 3000;\r\nReset lever: blue, RAL 5010\r\nMounting 2 long holes for M8 screws\r\nPermissible ambient temperature (VDE 0660) - 25 °C ^T amb ^+ 75 °C\r\nMaximum operating temperature of enclosure 85 °C\r\nIP protection class IP 65 according to EN 60529\r\nSwitching system Cam switch, maximum 6 forced switch elements\r\nRated insulation voltage Ui 380 VAC, 440 VDC\r\nRated operating voltage Ue 240 VAC, 250 VDC\r\nConventional thermal current Ith 16 A\r\nShort circuit capacity\r\nAC-15\r\nDC-13\r\nUe = 230 VAC, Ie = 6 A\r\nUe = 24 V, Ie = 2.1 A\r\nUe = 60 V, Ie = 0.9 A\r\nContact service life 0.5 • 106 switching operations at 100 % Ie\r\nMechanical operating life 1 105 switching cycles\r\nCable entry Tapped hole for 2 x M 25 x 1.5\r\n1 x cable gland M 25 x 1.5;\r\nsealing area M 11.5 mm to M 15.5 mm;\r\n1 x plug M 25 x 1.5\r\nConnections Maximum 2.5 mm2\r\nEquipotential bonding connection Connectable conductors:\r\n4 mm2 finely-stranded, 6 mm2 monofilar\r\nEarth Inside the housing M 4\r\n\r\nS ELECTION TA B LE\r\n\r\nType Contact\r\nconfiguration\r\nNC NO\r\nOrder number\r\nHENEX 001 1 1 91.058 642.001\r\nHENEX 002 2 2 91.058 642.002\r\nOrder Number\r\nPull-wire red, flexible steel wire,\r\nplastic coated, n 3 mm\r\n\r\n94.045 731.011\r\n94.045 731.021\r\n94.045 731.031\r\nTension spring, stainless steel\r\n170 mm x n 20 mm 94.000 026.681\r\nTurnbuckle\r\n(metal, 1 hook, 1 eye)\r\nRope clamp, egg-formed\r\nfor pull-wire of n 3 mm 94.047 869.001\r\n\r\nEyebolt\r\nM 12 x 60\r\nM 12 x 200\r\n94.045 727.001\r\n94.045 727.002\r\nSwing hook M 10 94.045 728.001\r\n\r\nUse only cable glands and plugs recommended by the\r\nmanufacturer and supplied with the switch. These cable\r\nglands and plugs are designed acc. to EU design sample test\r\ncertification.\r\nThe use of other cable glands and plugs may lead to a void\r\ndevice type approval.\r\nCable gland\r\nPlug

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