Kiepe DG Pulse Transducer

Kiepe DG Pulse Transducer

Kiepe DG Pulse Transducer

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Kiepe DG Pulse Transducer contactless

Product Description

Kiepe DG Pulse Transducer contactless\r\n\r\napplication\r\n\r\nThe DG type proximity switches are contactless pulse transducers.\r\nThey are especially designed to meet operating conditions,\r\nwhere high switching accuracy, durability, corrosion and wear\r\nresistance are required. The pulse transducers generate pulses,\r\nthe frequencies of which is proportional to the rational speed.\r\nThe evaluation of the generated pulses is assesed and monitored\r\nby either of the Kiepe speed monitors EDO or JMNC.\r\nThe device is intended for use in stationary installations and in\r\nvehicles.\r\n\r\noperating principles\r\n\r\n2-Wire Pulse Transducer according to NAMUR-EN 50227\r\nEssentially, these pulse transducers consists of an electronic\r\noscillator, the high-frequency stray field of which makes up the\r\nresponse zone. When a metallic object is immersed into the\r\neffective area of the stray zone, the resonant circuit is shortcircuited\r\nand its internal resistance becomes high-impedance.\r\nThe oscillations stop and the current consumption of the pulse\r\ngenerator degreases. This current change is analysed by the\r\nKiepe speed monitors.\r\n3-Wire Pulse Transducer, PNP-switching\r\nThese pulse transducers differ from the NAMUR types by an additional\r\ndownstream flip-flop, which effects a change of the output\r\npotential from GND to +Ub when the active zone is damped.\r\nThese pulse transducers can also be directly connected to a PLC.\r\n\r\ninstallation\r\n\r\nThe pulse transducers are to be installed in such a way that\r\nwithin the sensing zone one or several metal parts (Fe metals,\r\nif possible) can rotate passing the transducer´s head within the\r\nresponse distance. One pulse is generated per metal part. Pulse\r\nmultiplication via several metal parts is recommended for low\r\nrational speeds. the metal parts should at least have the dimensions\r\nof the transducer´s head and the distance between any two\r\nparts should not be below twice the diameter of the transducer´s\r\nhead.\r\nThe pulse transducer is fastened with two fixing nuts or by\r\nmeans of the enclosed plastic mounting clips c / w welding plate.\r\nSince the pulse transducers are suitable for a flush mounting\r\nthey can be screwed directly in a thread.\r\nIn order not to influence the sensitivity of the pulse transducer,\r\nthe distance between the pulse transducer´s head and any metal\r\nmachine parts has to be at least 24 mm for M 18 and 30 mm for\r\nM 30 pulse transducers.

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