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For normal capacitive sensors exact level detection can be difficult when they need to detect viscous liquids or extremely foaming liquids that are also susceptible filming for example soup or beer, as wide container walls will need arduous set up procedures and  incorrect readings can be brought on by material accumulation within the container walls. Balluff have just released their new self adjusting SmartLevel capacitive sensors that will overcome these problems.


Now there is a couple of ways which capacitive sensors could be mounted in level sensing application, dependent upon the target substance as well as the material of the container wall: indirect sensing and direct sensing. When it is in direct sensing mode, the sensor is in constant contact with the targeted material, therefore it can signal if the material goes below the location or rises above the location of the sensor.

Most customers require capacitive sensors to indirectly identify the presence of a huge election of liquids and materials. When it is used in, in-direct sensing the sensor normally is mounted flush against the container wall to identify the target material through it.

There are clear benefits to this, the key benefit is that drilling through the container wall is not needed therefore lowering the chance of a leak and therefore leak-proofing is not required. This also means that installation costs are lowered as well. When you use average capacitive sensors, customers have to utilize a trim potentiometer to modify the signal sensitivity to guarantee trustworthy results. Commonly a capacitive sensor will be modified to filter out the container wall that could produce a number of difficulties, for instance they could frequently lead to false readings when they come into contact with liquids that can cause material or film accumulation on container walls or the sensor itself with direct sensing. Additionally, installations can be challenging, time intensive, vulnerable to error and perhaps simply impossible.

Balluff new SmartLevel sensors gets rid of the majority of the issues that go with standard capacitive level sensors. Balluff brand-new technology can precisely sense amounts of liquids that have high conductive levels through plastic walls or glass up to a maximum of twelve millimetres thick and aqueous liquids. These Balluff sensors can differentiate between non-metallic tank walls. Possible interferences of material build-ups as well as the correct level inside the tank. Additionally, readjustments to the sensor are not necessary when faced with changing container compositions, throughout checking procedures or alterations in liquids for various procedure runs.

There are also huge advantages with regards to maintenance and installation of smart-level sensors. These are easy to install due to the fact that they are efficient at finding true liquid level instantly a fit and forget method does apply. Time allocated to cleaning and maintenance can also be significantly lowered as these sensors could operate precisely for an indefinite period of time, and they are not affected by an increase in heavy foam or debris, which often removes production loss and downtime. The sensors are perfect for all water-based liquids as well as highly conductive liquids which includes organic wastes, detergents and acids in applications for example mixing stations and as well as general process monitoring in chemical or medical atmospheres.

The technology could be modified to be used in a selection of sensor configurations to support numerous environments and applications. Eventually this brand new technology that is exclusive to Balluff can boost productivity and efficiency by reducing false triggering, as well as significantly lowering the requirement for getting rid of process interruptions and maintenance.   

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