How to > Assemble and Unassembled  Telemecanique XB4 Push Button Range.




There is a huge variety of push button combinations available from Telemecanique, they all follow the same basic principle of an actuator (button/front face) a carrier that holds the front section and the auxiliaries or lamps that attach to the back of the carrier.   


 See below for the Common list of push button heads and accessories to make a complete push button: Common component parts of the Telemecanique XB4-ZB4  Harmony  range







The common parts that are supplied to make up the push buttons are:




Contact block Normally open –ZBE101




Contact block Normally closed- ZBE102




Contact carrier actuator choices- ZB4BZ009




Flush push buttons ZB4 BA1 (White), ZB4BA2 (Black), ZB4BA4 (red), ZB4BA5 (yellow), ZB4BA6 (blue), ZB4BA8 (grey)




E-stop push button ZB4BS844




Selector switch ZB4BS844




Selector switch actuators ZB4BD2




Selector switch actuators ZB4 BD3




2 position with removable in both positions ZB4BG4








How to assemble a push button




You will need the following parts to assemble a push button:




A button, A carrier and the contacts. Pick up the button and the carrier.




On the side of the button in the middle, you will see a downwards facing arrow you will need to insert it this way into the carrier which has an up facing arrow on the front, therefore the arrows will meet and you know you will have inserted the button correctly.




On the bottom of carrier, you can put the contacts that you need for you application. These clip onto the bottom of the carrier. You will see on the bottom of the carrier that there is one side that is higher than the other. You will see on the contacts that at the top of the contacts there is a plastic lip on one side and a metal connector on the other. To get the contact in the correct position on the bottom of the carrier. You have a choice of left, right or middle to insert the contact. You will need to match up the plastic lip on the top of the contact with the higher side on the carrier and the metal connector on the top of the contact will need to be connected to the carrier where you will see indents for the metal connector to sit in. You have options to have three contacts across the carrier as well as connecting them on top of contacts that you have already placed on the carrier. Once you have completed the above steps your push button will be ready to use.




How to deconstruct a push button




To deconstruct a push button it is easiest to remove the contacts first. You will see where the arrow points upwards on the carrier, place a flat head screwdriver where the contacts are connected and prise off gently, they should come away relatively easily.




Now you will need to remove the button head. Again where you see the arrow pointing up on the carrier, if you look to the right of the carrier you will see a metal trigger. Simply pull this lever outwards and it will release the button head.




Now you know how to simply assemble and deconstruct a Telemecanique push button.