Phoenix Contact Relays > Phoenix Contact have just released their innovative safety relays that can check several functions at once.


Several multi-function safety relays have just been launched by Phoenix contact. Every one of the new multi-function relays could check on a maximum of 3 safety functions.


 Phoenix contact PSR- MXF relays may be utilized to generate safety control circuits that are either SIL3 or PLe which is ideal for compact machines. Each module has a few terminal block variations.


Two local sensor circuits enable various protection locations to be checked on a single machine, therefore safety becomes simpler as well as enhancing machine efficiency. Using a Phoenix Contact higher level sensor circuit could be utilized for emergency stop signals. Most of the safety sensors could be monitored this includes, safety lock doors, magnetic switches, light guards and mechanical emergency stop signals.

Phoenix Contact relays will not have to be configured, therefore making them simple to maintain and install. Phoenix Contact push-in fast connect technologies allows for tool-free installation, therefore lowering start up times.

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