Turck Sensors  > Turck fast becoming leading name in the factory automation LED lighting




Turck are well known for their photoelectric sensing technology and now they are using their knowledge to be an industry benchmark for LED lighting.



Ultra bright LED lights for factory automation applications.






In the 1970's and today the LED light is seen as a  substitute for the incandescent light bulb , however while  they have longevity and are strong, the primary disadvantage was the reduced light intensity of about one percent of a traditional bulb. Through the years Turck has worked on circuit advancement, together with LED element suppliers, to repeatedly boost light strength and efficiency while preserving dependability. This can be ideally shown in the manufacture of photoelectric sensors for usage in Ex hazardous places where optimum light strength utilizing minimal power is required.




Turck now provides a full selection of task lights that give an industrial substitute for halogen and fluorescent bulbs in machine, area and enclosure lighting which also includes panels and control cabinets. The most significant difficulties today’s society faces is conserving energy, both in the workplace and at home. Energy-efficient light emitting diodes utilize less than ten percent of the energy of standard lighting to light up exactly the same region. Also fittings are available for Light emitting diodes to increase output.They are more effective in direct lighting when needed.  Light emitting diodes from Turck  have a constant working life of more than fifty thousand hours (this equates to more than five and a half hours) they will still work after this time, but they will work with  a maximum of a thirty percent reduction in light. Maintenance organizing as a result is a lot simpler; this means that there is no danger of being left in darkness.




 Match it up with a fluorescent light that has a normal life of eight thousand hours, then there is the costs of getting rid of light. In contrast to fluorescents, LED lights come on instantly regardless of the temperature. Also in contrast to conventional light bulbs, Light emitting diodes are tough, strong as well as vibration proof.




Turck work lights give several options for lighting up work places with extreme, long-lasting and strong work lights. The Turck work lights are also a cheap and value for money option that are also versatile in mounting and size, some examples are the WLB32 and the WLS28-2. Turck WLS28-2 light strips give bright, efficient and even illuminations and can even be used in enclosures. As light emitting diodes have long lasting illumination there are perfect for replacing fluorescent lighting, they also create 3-4 time more lumens per watt than incandescent bulbs.


Very bright Light Emitting Diodes will last forty times longer than incandescent bulbs and 6 times longer than CFLs. LEDs are easy to use and cheap. You can use LED immediately and they do not contain mercury. Turck light emitting diodes have the same lumens per watt as fluorescents; however they are more effective at getting the light in the work area.