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Festo Pneumatics > Save with Festo Pneumatics Energy Effciency Program



Festo pneumatics power effectiveness is a innovative plan to improve efficiency and cut down your expenses.


Festo pneumatics illustrates easy methods to optimise energy consumption in factory automated systems.



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Weidmuller Industrial Ethernet > Comprehensive Wireless Ethernet or I/O Enclosures



Weidmuller Industrial Ethernet reveals their very first all encompassing  “One box” wireless answer in the industrial marketplace.


A couple of models are obtainable- each one including distinctive design attributes.







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Sunx Sensors > New Sunx EX-L200 Miniature Laser Sensors  Hi - Precision / Long Range



Sunx sensors new EX-L200 range Laser Sensor from SUNX produces superior precision capability inside of a market leading modest body size.


This all-in-one Sunx sensor brings together longer spectrum recognition which has a bare minimum sensing object proportions 0.3mm for applications which need substantial detection reliability and exceptional versatility for installation.


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Turck Sensors > Turck's - WORLD-BEAM QS18 Foreground Suppression Series



Sense products whatever their colour, reflectivity, surface variations or background types.


Turck sensors WORLD-BEAM® QS18 Field-Adjustable Foreground Suppression Sensors, were developed to determine matter irrespective of colours, reflectivity, irregular surfaces or backdrop.



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Electroquip > Festo Pneumatics Assemblies and Festo Automation Systems


Buying this type of solution can be extremely productive, Driving financial savings.


Supplying versatility & process integrity during the various stages of development of your respective project.




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